What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a joint disease. It is common in both male and females. There are more than 100 different types of arthritis. Each type has different treatment procedure. Swelling and pain in joints are its big symptoms. Mostly old people fall prey to this disease. If patient didn’t pay heed to Arthritis treatment then it can even leads to permanent disability. Its pain can affect the daily life activities of a person. Like some people feel sever pain while walking and while moving their joints. So it should be treated timely.
Arthritis Treatment

Patients always want to know the arthritis Treatment. Of course the patients want to know that which method can treat them urgently. In fact there are lot treatments available for it! Here let's follow the ZhongBa Hospital orthopedic doctors' introduction.

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Arthritis Treatment:

General therapy: the general treatment including the use of some physical therapy, mainly by electrotherapy or infrared radiation. When do this treatment, we should do some protection on the joints, and more rest.

Drug therapy: drug treatment is a very common method of arthritis. A lot of orthopedic patients are using this method to treat it. But the drug treatment can only relief the pain, it cannot cure it fundamentally.

Surgical treatment: surgical treatment is a good way to treat this disease now, which can effectively reduce the pain caused by arthritis. But there are also a certain drawbacks on surgical treatment. Like, poor body not suitable for surgical treatment and the risk of surgical treatment is greatly.

There are many ways to cure it, but there are different opinions about how to treat arthritis, because of the different treat method.

In ZhongBa Hospital, our doctor will make the suitable treatment for different patients after checking the condition.

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