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Sexual Health Clinic | Andrologist in Lahore

A general perception about men being medically superior in all regards, especially in sexual issues related to them, and has grown into a menace in Pakistan. The reality states something entirely different, it is a large number of men who are infected with are affected with STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) and they are also the reason to spread them ahead. Zhongba Hospital has taken up the bar to help men in this regard and provide them with the world class facilities of medical treatment related to all the issues that they might come across. We here at Zhongba have Chinese male andrologist in Lahore. Zhongba Hospital has the ability to manage any medical problem related to men, some of which are given as below:      

Male Sexual Dysfunction:

This may include the problem of premature ejaculation, eroticism and priapism, our medical experts have got it all covered up for our patients.

Male Fertility Issues:

Male fertility issues that are caused by Azoospermia, Blockage of the vas and Necrozoospermia are treated very well by our doctors.

Male Genitourinary System Disease:

The problems associated with Wrapping glans, Phlogistic, Wrapping, Orchitis, Epididymitis, Seminal Vesiculitis are treated through medication as well as surgery.     

Prostate Disease:

We are also providing the treatment of Non bacterial Prostatis, Gonorrehea Complication, Prostatic Hyperplasia and Bacteria Prostatis.
Apart from these male problems our experts of medicine and surgery also have complete command over dealing with the surgical issues such as foreskin removal for the males from all age groups and healing problems such as herpes and other STDs.

Being the best sexual health clinic in Lahore, we provide best treatment of andrology disorders with the help of Chinese traditional medicines. We have dedicated Chinese and Pakistani medical team andrologist and urologist in Lahore with full devotion in order to treat patients.

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