Anal Cryptitis Treatment in Lahore | Causes - Symptoms

Anal cryptitis Treatment in Lahore |  Causes - Symptoms and Treatment

Anal Cryptitis is a word that is used to define one of the abnormalities that is seen under the microscope when tissue from the colon or small intestinal is examined. Under the supervision of specialist at ZAIB Hospital, anal cryptitis treatment in lahore is available.

Cryptite is an infections process in the anus of the sinuses of the anus.

As a rule, the ailment develops due to the infection of the crypts. If treatment is started in a timely manner, problems can be avoided.

Otherwise, anal cryptite may cause cancer of the rectum.

The anal crypts are normal tubular structures composed of cells that spread into the walls of the intestines.

These crypts contain the cells that give rise to all of the other cells that reach out of the crypts and then line the inner surface of the intestines.

Infection of the crypts is known as cryptitis.

Anal Cryptitis is seen in inflammatory bowel disease, both ulcerative and Crohn's colitis, but it also can be seen in other inflammatory circumstances of the intestines.

It is not a disease itself, but a microscopically manifestation of many different diseases.

Cryptitis also may refer to infection in the anus:

Two centimeters from the anal orifice, the lining tissue of the anus begins to change into the particular lining of the colon.

This connection is called the pectinate line.

Between these protrusions in the anus is small out-pouching from the anus and into the surrounding tissues. This out-pouching is the anal crypts.

Though they are covered with flaps of anal lining tissue, the anal crypts communicate with the colon and anus and colon.

Inflammation of the crypts, probably caused by the trauma of passing stool, is referred to as cryptitis.

If the infection progresses, it can extend further into the nearby tissues and lead to the formation of an abscess or fistula.

Etiology of anal cryptitis:

The etiology of this disease is well defined.

The most usual reasons for the development of this inflammatory process include:
  • hemorrhoids, proctitis, paraproctitis
  • infectious process
  • inflammation of the glands in the anal region
  • Malfunction in the allocation of mucus.
  • embarrassment difficulties
  • Complications after a rectal injury
  • congestion stains
It should be noted that Anal cryptite can become an etiology of enlarge to more serious pathological processes if anal cryptite treatment is not started in a timely manner.

Anal cryptitis Symptoms

As a rule, at the initial stage of the inflammatory process, there is no evidential clinical picture. Most often the sign and symptoms of the inflammatory process proceed wavy.

As the disease develops, you can observe such symptoms:
  • pain in the anus, especially when the urge to defecate
  • internal discomfort
  • admixture of blood in the feces
  • burning and itching in the anus
  • foreign body sensation in the anus
  • Severity in the stomach.

 Treatment of anal cryptite

As a rule, if a patient is identified with an acute form of a disease without noteworthy complications, then conservative anal cryptite treatment is used.

The program of treatment in this case implies the following:
  • Diet
  • Drugs therapy
  • Setting the enema
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