Anorectal Neurosis Treatment in Lahore

Anorectal Neurosis Treatment in Lahore

Anorectal neurosis refers to patients due to autonomic dysfunction. The disease is perceived as Anorectal anomaly complained of functional disorders of the nervous system. It is more common in the usual spirit of more suspicious, poor feelings, impatient, or introverted people.

Anorectal Neurosis

The Main Symptoms of Neurosis:

The main symptoms of the disease is often felt anorexia pain, burning, bulge, perianal radiating pain, and some feel anus within the foreign body obstruction and rectal peristalsis. It causes severe pain. It causes a serious impact on personal and family life, work and study.

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While having this disorder the patient’s consciousness is clear thinking normal, no behavior disorder; but the patient's individual psychological quality is poor, easy to fall, often accompanied by insomnia, dreams, headache, chest discomfort, good sigh and other weak and gastrointestinal symptoms.

These diseases mostly occur in female than men. In women it is more common in menopausal or near menopause women prone to occur. Because these patients often fear that it is Anorectal disease and they may have failed the process of inspection, diagnosis and treatment. And if it remains for long time, then it will affect the central nervous system.

Anorectal neurosis refers to patients due to autonomic dysfunction, Anorectal nerve a syndrome disorders occur. It is associated with mental factors and peripheral nerve reflexes. Usually there is emotional sluggish, irritable mood or local irritation.


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Anorectal Neurosis Treatment:

Diet Treatment:

Should avoid eating greasy, cold, irritating food. Do not smoke, do not drink. Eat light, because it will be easy to digest, easy to absorb food, such as fruits, vegetables, lean meat, soy products.

Drug Treatment:

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