Anus Skin Diseases Treatment

Anus Skin Diseases Treatment | Anal Skin Defects

Anal skin diseases , such as anal pruritus, anal eczema , anal neurodermatitis, anal contact dermatitis, anal skin ringworm, anal skin tuberculosis, anal condyloma acuminatum, perianal suppurative sweat gland inflammation, anal syphilis and so on.

Anus skin diseases 

Disease Classification:

Anal Pruritus:

It is a neurological dysfunction skin disease. Confined to the anus around and perineum, itching, ants feel.

Anal Eczema:

 It is a non-infectious allergic skin disease. To itching, exudation, recurrent for its characteristics.

Anal Nervous Dermatitis:

It is limited cutaneous nerve dysfunction skin diseases, clinical features of moss skin, intense itching, and longer duration, easy to relapse.

Anal Contact Inflammation:

The skin or mucous membrane contact with some external substances and the occurrence of shallow in the inflammation. Skin damage is limited to touch the site; remove the cause is soon self-healing, short duration, no recurrence.

Anal Skin Ringworm:

It is more by the spread of tinea corporis, or shallow mold disease, easy to disease, with infectious.

Anal Skin Tuberculosis:

It is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection, secretions for the purulent, the amount of contagious.

Anorex Genital Warts:

A new biopathic lesion caused by a virus. Mainly grown in the skin and mucosal junctions, genital warts have pedicle, group life, a strong tendency to cancer.

Anus Around the Suppurative Sweat Gland Inflammation:

It is the anus around the sweat gland chronic infection suppurative disease. Can be in the anus subcutaneous formation of complex sinus fistula.
A chronic infectious disease caused by Treponema pallidum. Mainly through sexual intercourse infection, it is clinically rarer.
Most of the above problems in the attack have different degrees of itching symptoms, a small number of swelling and pain, if the treatment is not timely, will cause chronic attack, prolonged unhealed, and some may be malignant. Therefore, if the anal skin disease should be timely diagnosis and treatment.


Anus Skin Disease treatment:

Chinese medicine treatment of perianal skin itching in accordance with the characteristics of symptoms can be divided into four types: wind-heat stagnation type, rheumatoid folder heat type, blood deficiency and parasite-induced perianal itching.

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