How to Treat Hemorrhoids

How to Treat Hemorrhoids – Bawaseer Ka Ilaj at ZAIB Hospital

Hemorrhoids patients now have a high incidence, many patients do not know much about hemorrhoids, nor do they know how to treat hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid is a common anorectal disease as peculiar to human beings, after the onset of the disease is will give patients bring a lot of inconvenience. We have specialized doctor for Hemorrhoids treatment ( Bawaseer Ka Ilaj ) at ZAIB Hospital In lahore.


What are the harms of Hemorrhoids?

Infection:  Incarcerated Hemorrhoids have many different degrees of infected patients will develop tenesmus, anal tenesmus appears obvious symptoms, caused by patients with perianal sub mucosal or ischiorectal abscess appeared.

Anemia: hemorrhoids disease can cause the body's iron appeared lost, if the long-term loss of blood in the stool, a large amount of iron, with iron amount has a lower than normal, can cause patients with iron deficiency anemia.

Incarcerated Hemorrhoids: Another common symptom is mainly appeared in patients with hemorrhoids prolapse, pulled out of the anus hemorrhoids due to sphincter clamping, thrombosis occurs after hemorrhoids, hard pain to send back to the anus.

How do we treat the Hemorrhoids?

PPH micro wound surgery: use of hemorrhoid stapler for anal rectal mucosa prolapse and hemorrhoids stapling tissue membrane repair for the treatment of third and fourth degree hemorrhoids.

Micro pain: the hemorrhoids removed from the anus, at the same time truncating blood vessels to provide blood to hemorrhoids, no damage to the perianal skin, and so almost no pain after the operation.

Short course treatment: the anastomotic is a non-open wound with circular resection of the mucous membrane, and the bleeding is less.

Rest assured: No need to remove the anal pad, a greater degree of preservation of the normal function of the anus, avoid anal stenosis, anus incontinence and other complications.

Suitable for multi object: because of less damage to patients and especially for the elderly, pay attention to the efficiency of the white-collar crowd and traditional therapy, with mild Tuogang and rectal mucosa.

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