Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

Irritable bowel syndrome is abnormalities of intestinal disorders which causes persistent or intermittent. The clinical symptoms of ibs are such as abdominal pain, bloating, and more bowel and / or stool traits change. Because of lack of gastrointestinal structure and biochemical it is divided by symptoms: diarrhea dominant, constipation dominant, alternate diarrhea and constipation. Spirit, diet and cold can induce symptoms of recurrence or aggravated. So, how to provide irritable bowel syndrome treatment? Can I use medicine to cure it?

irritable bowel syndrome treatment 

Remedies that are unscientific treat the symptoms and not the cause. So many patients have misunderstanding on irritable bowel syndrome treatment, except some patients be remiss to ignore to long towed. There are some patients who fear from the pain of traditional colonoscopy and because of that fear they not take treatment in time or they believe in some folk prescription. Some patients even use self-judgment and buy medication by their own self.  Many patients often take some anti-inflammatory drugs.
Everyone didn’t know that irritable bowel syndrome be divided into many kinds, and different kinds have different treatment. They take medication blindly and it often lead irritable bowel syndrome to long term and it becomes difficult to cure it in a better way.
ZAIB Hospital Anorectal doctor does not advocate simple drug treatment which will be side effects to damage the body.
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How to provide Irritable bowel syndrome treatment?

New Chinese and Western Medicine Balance Therapy For IBS Treatment:

integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, two-side approach!
As a professional Anorectal hospital from China, combined with years clinical experience, ZAIB Hospital Anorectal experts said that the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome is best possible by using combination of western and Chinese medicines. ZAIB Hospital
 Anorectal experts created a "new Chinese and Western medicine balance therapy" which is excellent for irritable bowel syndromet.

 ibs treatment
The therapy has the following advantages than traditional therapies:
  • From the regulation of intestinal autonomic nervous system to start with the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, oral administration, the principle of psychological treatment, through light guide sterilization, Chinese medicine enema, spa, oral and other overall combination therapy, regulation of human intestinal nerve immunity Defense mechanism.
  • By using combination of Chinese and western medicines we reduce the shortcomings of each medicine. Through this it will heal quickly and it will not appear again.
  • By using balance therapy we can treat different patients with different drugs and treatment. Breaking the traditional single treatment model and it will not affected by the season. Means we can use these methods all year round to treat it. This therapy is especially for young children, frail elderly and pregnant women.