Perianal Abscess a Painful Swelling

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Perianal abscess :

An anal, or rectal, abscess happens when a pit in the anus gets to be distinctly loaded with pus. In addition to extraordinary torment, the abscess can bring about exhaustion, rectal discharge, and fever. Sometimes, anal abscesses can bring about agonizing anal fistulas. This happen when the abscess neglects to mend and tears open on the surface of the skin. In the event that a anal abscess doesn't mend appropriately, it can bring about a considerable measure of agony and eventually require surgery. It is a very painful most of the cases they are developed from the infections of small anal glands.

perianal abscess
Perianal abscess is the the most common type of the abscess. Mostly it appears near the anus as painful swellings. These are red in color. They are warmed when touched. Those anal abscesses that are present in the deeper tissues are very rare. Normally, They are less visible.

The most common and most successful treatment of all types of anal abscess is the surgical incision and drainage. About 50 % patients of the anal abscess develop a complication in them called anal fistula. An anal fistula makes an abnormal connection between the abscess sites and skin. It is a small tunnel shaped structure. Consult online doctor about my situation?

Causes of the Perianal abscess :

  • A blocked anal gland
  • A sexually transmitted infection (STIs)
  • An anal fissure cause perianal abscess
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Inflammatory bowel syndrome that cause the infection of the normal body cells
  • Diabetes
  • A weak immune system due to HIV or AIDs etc.
  • Anal sex increase the chances in both men and women
  • Use of steroids
  • Recent chemotherapy
  • constipation
  • Diarrhea

What are the symptoms of the Anal abscess?

Constant pain is the main symptom of the anal abscess. Itching and irritation are also the indications of the anal abscess. These are the most common and most noticeable symptoms of the anal abscess.The pain become severe at certain times as during defecation and after defecation. Bleeding also occur during passing stools. Followings are the other symptoms of the anal abscess :
  • constipation
  • rectal discharge
  • rectal  bleeding
  • swelling
  • tenderness of the skin  near to the anus
  • muscular fatigue

How anal abscess is diagnosed?

The anal abscess is diagnosed by the physicians by doing the physical examination of the patient. In this examination the physician check the pain in the area near the anus. Redness of the skin is also checked. Swelling is also checked in the patients. Hence, the physical examination is donning for the diagnosis of the anal abscess.
In some people there are no visible signs of the anal abscess on the surface of the anus. Then instead of physical examination, Doctor uses an instrument for the examination called anoscope to look inside the anus and in the lower rectum. In some cases, the abscess may be deeper than the doctor suggests MRI or ultrasound for the diagnosis of the anal abscess.
In some cases further tests are done to make sure the diagnosis. It is made sure that the crohn’s disease is not involved. In such cases followings are required:
  • A blood test
  • x-rays
  • colonoscopy
During the process of colonoscopy, a doctor uses a lighted and flexible scope to examine your colon.
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