With all these departments and medical facilities at Zhongba Hospital, we also have a qualified and department that solely deals with Anorectal disorders and issues related to it with medication as well as surgery. Our highly qualified medical experts are working round the clock to provide out patients with all the medical treatment necessary in order to make sure of their well being and health. 

Anorectal Disorders:

The first step for Anorectal treatment, just like any other medical treatment, involves a complete diagnosis and general examination about the presence and the nature of the problem that is being dealt. Diagnosis is carried out by our doctors to determine the nature of problem and then they assign the right medication as well as other treatment technique if needed. The most common problem that is seen in by this department is the problem of Haemorrhoids or commonly known as Piles. Apart from that are many other complications that may arise and can be treated at Zhongba hospital as enlisted below,
·         Anal Fitsula
·         Anal Papilla.
·         Anal itching.
·         Neuro-dermatits.
·         Hemorrhoids
·         Ulcer syndrome
These are some of the problems that are commonly treated with exceptional results at our institute.

We have a team of medical experts with their specialization in the field of Anorectal Disorders and providing the services to the patients from throughout the country. We have not only experts from the field of medicine as well as surgery to make sure that the patient is fine and treated properly either way. We are the only Chinese anorectal hospital in Lahore.

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