Infertility Diagnoses and Treatment Instrument

Zhongba Hospitla:

Zhongba Hospital in Lahore provides best treatment for andrology disorders like infertility. We have Chinese specialists doctors for the treatment of infertility. We treat patients with Chinese Herbal medicine.

Diagnostic and Therapeutic:

(1) The diagnosis accuracy of uterine hypoplasia, partial adhesions of uterine cavity, congenital malformation, immature uterus and other infertility (about infertility of more than 60%) is high, and it can prevent misdiagnosis.
infertility diagnoses treatment

Treatment of Infertility Equipment

(2) Treatment of the above infertility, the treatment system issued by the therapeutic wave, along the elastic bladder tube in the uterine wall, so that the uterus produces a response of the two.

A. Adaptability: uterine wall smooth muscle relaxation, uterine cavity volume expansion. Each treatment increased about 1/10.

B. Can produce benign stimulation, improve local blood flow, and strengthen endocrine function, thereby promoting the development of the uterus and rehabilitation.

(3) Examination and treatment of fallopian tube.

(4) Improve the success rate of IVF and artificial insemination.