LEEP Knife Techonology For Gynecology Treatment

LEEP Knife Technology in Zhongba Hospital:

Zhongba Hospital is from the top hospitals in Lahore who are using international technologies. We have female Chinese gynecologists in Lahore who are using LEEP Knife Technology to treat Cervical Erosion of females.

LEEP Knife Technology:

The fifth generation of ultra-high frequency LEEP knife, compared to earlier, more accurate positioning of the lesion, only resection of the diseased tissue without damaging the normal cervix, at the same time, because of the better improvement in electrode current and current release of radio frequency, RF current electrode is more stable, more accurate positioning, release through the electrode tip high frequency arc wave in contact when the lesion is basically vertical contact, so there is no old LEEP knife to normal tissues. After thousands of cases of clinical validation, is currently in the treatment of severe cervical erosion in the optimal treatment of physical therapy.

leep knife

Fifth generation UHF LEEP knife technology advantages:

The one-time cure: no recurrence, bid farewell to the traditional method curative effect is not ideal; the course is long, easy to relapse, Jiuzhibuyu shortcomings;

Small trauma:

No damage to normal cervical tissue, smooth incision, no scar, does not affect fertility and does not affect marital quality of life;

Pain small:

No pain, surgical complications (bleeding, infection) less;

The short course:

short operation time, 5 minutes to complete the operation, do not need hospitalization, does not affect the work and learning;

The tissue integrity:

Not easy to produce tissue is elongated, carbonization of the traditional electric knife for cutting, can be obtained without affecting the pathological examination of intact tissue specimens.