How to Treat Infertility and Get Pregnant?

Infertiltiy Treatment at ZAIB Hospital:

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How to Treat Infertility and Get Pregnant:

"First, check the husband body, simple and economic." Experts summed up the first tips for infertility patients. Some people think that not a child is certainly the cause of the woman, always check the woman's situation. In fact, Professor Wang said that the causes of infertility are extremely numerous, in general by his wife caused by unilateral infertility accounted for 50%, male unilateral reasons accounted for 30%, the two sides jointly accounted for 20%.

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If there is no abnormal appearance check the man first to do semen examination. If the semen examination is normal, basically can rule out the possibility of infertility caused by the man, you can start to check woman.
If find out her husband azoospermia, no need to check his wife.

If the semen examination results are no sperm, the next need to do testicular puncture. If the puncture result is no spermatogenesis, it is that the man does not have fertility, no need to continue to do other checks. If the results of semen examination of oligospermia and lack of vitality or deformity, can check the cause from two directions: one is the "sperm transport" is a problem, for example, a piece of spermatic vein blockage of the vas deferens; one is the "sperm boss" -- whether there is something wrong with the brain central nervous system. Then how to treat infertility of males? Visit this link it will help you.

The woman check to follow the "progressive, Elimination method".


How to Treat Infertility of Females:

Experts say that the causes of female infertility are quite a number of treatment can only be simple to easy, progressive type of check.
For first visit, the general gynecological examination to see whether there is genital malformation and vaginitis, uterine cancer and other gynecological disorders. The first treatment to see whether the disease can be pregnant.


Check the fallopian tube Gynecological Examination

If the previous gynecological examination are normal, should be in menstrual clean after 3 to 5 days, make a tubal check, this is the simplest method. If there is fallopian tube blockage is required to be treated to make it clear.

Check Endocrine

If the two previous endocrine examinations are normal, you can start the growth of oocytes and B-monitoring ovulation in the menstrual cycle of eighth days.
If before examination is no trouble, and then check the endometrial antibody, anti-sperm antibodies, as well as chromosome examination, etc.

By laparoscopy examination, the biggest cost is very expensive, but the high degree of accuracy. The first visit is not suitable, but some repeatedly check still cannot find the reason, try it.

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