What are Causes of Miscarriage?

Factors that May Increase the Causes of Miscarriage


 Increase in the age cause the increase in the risk of miscarriage.

History of Miscarriage :

A woman who had a case of miscarriage is more likely to prone of miscarrying as compared to other females.  

Chronic Diseases and Disorders:

Some chronic diseases   such as diabetes, some hormonal disorders, autoimmune disorders, inherited blood clotting disorders and some other disorders may increase the risk of causes of miscarriage.

causes of miscarriage


Uterine and Cervical  Problems  :

Having certain congenital abnormalities, a weak or abnormally short cervix (know as cervical insufficiency) , severe uterine adhesions (bands of scar  tissues) enhance the chances of the miscarriage. Studies show that the relation between the miscarriage and uterine fibroids is controversial, as mostly they do not cause any problem.

A History of Birth Defects or Genetic Problems :

If any of your family member had a genetic abnormality ever then you are at a greater risk of the miscarriage.


Researches has shown a higher risk for miscarriage if we have listeria, mumps ,rubella, measles, cytomegalovirus,  gonorrhea, parvovirus, HIV and certain other infections.

Smoking :

Smoking increases the chances of the miscarriage in the females.

Drinking :

Drinking the alcohol also increase the risk of miscarriage.

Drug usage:

Drug users are at a very high risk of the miscarriage.


Some medications are linked with the increased risk of the miscarriage. So it is very necessary for our safety to know all the affects of the medications before it’s use. As the prescription is a legal document so it should be given very carefully knowing all the effects of the medications.

Environmental Factors:

There are some environmental factors that might increase the risk causes of miscarriage as followings:

Lead, Arsenic, some chemicals, formaldehyde, benzene, ethylene oxide, anesthetic gases and a large dose of Radiations.  

Paternal Factors :

Some studies shows that paternal factors are also linked with the miscarriage but it is not known that how the paternity affects the miscarriage. This risk increases with the increase in father’s age. Research is being done by the different scientific institutions on the extent to which sperm could be damaged by environmental toxins but still manage to fertilize an egg during the process of fertilization. After the exposure to the mercury, lead and some other industrial chemical and pesticides, father is at a great risk that his child would be miscarried after conception.

Obesity :

Some new researches explain the linkage of the obesity and miscarriage. Obesity of the mother is very risky as it causes the miscarriage. So, the obesity should be controlled to avoid miscarriage.

Diagnostic Procedures:

Amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling which are performed for diagnostic genetic testing may cause a small increase in risk of Miscarriage. Your risk of miscarriage is also higher if you get pregnant within three months after giving birth.

These were some common factors blamed to be the causes of miscarriage in women.