Blockage of Vas Deferens Treatment | Male Infertility

Blockage of Vas Deferens Treatment

Treatment of vas deferens blocked infertility mainly by what method? This is a lot of male patients are very concerned about. Vas deferens blockage is an important factor leading to male infertility. So, the specific treatment of infertility vas deferens blockage is the following:

Semen Routine Examination Semen no Sperm or Sperm Countless

  • For bilateral ejaculatory duct obstruction (not including the prostate), the semen shows less fluid and no sperm, fructose content is low, acidic citric acid content;
  • Prostatic above the prostate (including the prostate), vas deferens obstruction is shown to reduce sperm without semen, PH value was neutral, or alkaline fructose and citric acid content is low;
  • If there is a small amount of sperm in semen, prompt the sperm duct may have partial or incomplete obstruction.

blockage of the vas

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Surgical Exploration

Surgical exploration of the scrotum is another important means of diagnosis of obstruction of the vas deferens, because some lesions cannot be detected by physical examination or vasectomy pipeline to be found. The order of exploration for the testis, epididymis, vas deferens. In probing at the same time feasible testicular biopsy probe, and the best treatment at the same time, to avoid secondary surgery.
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