Fallopian Tube Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

Fallopian Tube Treatment to Reduce Infertility | American COOK Fallopian Tube Guide Wire Recanalization

Fertilization is a complex physiological process, there should be following below process to complete it: the ovaries release the normal ovum, semen containing normal sperm, ovum and sperm meet and combine in the fallopian tube. The fertilized egg can be entered into the uterine cavity, Endometrium suitable for implantation of fertilized eggs. Any of the above-mentioned links failed can lead to infertility.
Recent years, due to many infections, miscarriage and other factors in the gradual increase in reproductive age women will appear obstructed tubal obstruction or poor, water empyema, distorted, to the sperm and egg obstacles. And inflammation, adhesion tubal peristalsis will be limited; affecting sperm, egg delivery also can cause female infertility. Tubal infertility caused by tubal adhesions and obstruction, is mostly reason for female infertility.

fallopian tube treatment

The Reason for Cause Fallopian Tube Unsmooth

The reasons of what cause fallopian tube unsmooth are complex. Such as purulent, tuberculosis, gonococci tubal inflammation or other pelvic inflammatory disease can cause tubal adhesions. Such as endometriosis, sexual diseases various inflammation can also cause tubal local tissue proliferation and then Adhesion and obstruction. In the other side ovarian cancer and uterine fibroids will oppress or stretch the fallopian tube, and it will reformatted or ectopic. Then cause obstruction.

How to Treat Fallopian Tube Unsmooth

The treatment of tubal obstruction is mostly to take methods like water, ventilation and medicine. It will make patients greater pain. And it's uncertainty on inspection and treatment. This issue is satisfactorily resolved with Fallopian tube guide wire recanalization technology appears. ZAIB Hospital provides infertility treatment or Fallopian tube treatment with "US COOK tubal guide wire re-intervention" which is the best choice for tubal infertility clinical popularization on international. Is currently the only set of detection and expansion of three-step flow as one of the high-precision artificial intelligence assisted reproductive technology which improved the success rate of infertility treatment?
On the TV monitor and guided from fallopian tubes Endoscope can be clearly straight to the entire tubal treatment area; and then the wire which is as thin as hair involved in the guide wire through the coaxial catheter, vaginal, cervical, uterine horn insert into tubal parts. Specific parts of the obstruction of the wire will move gently and slowly moving forward, so that the wire through the obstruction after the catheter through the catheter to clear the fluid into the fallopian tubes and treat with selective tubal obstruction. Meantime, when use of interventional guide wire for tubal dredging , the optical fiber will transmit the details of patient's body to the TV monitor screen, the physician can also accurately and intuitively identify other causes and treat directly.

US COOK Guide Wire Fallopian Tube Dredge Technology

This technique is safe, painless and simple operation, adverse reactions light, can be diagnosis and treat for one time. Only 30 minutes, you can clear the blocked fallopian tube without invasive and the patient has no significant pain. The probe into the end of the ring into a ring, soft and smooth, will not damage the fallopian tube wall, very safe. Through this we provide fallopian tube treatment.
Clinical treatment results show that the re-interventional treatment of fallopian tube guide wire has the characteristics of quickness, intuition, high efficiency and painlessness, avoiding the trauma and limitation of traditional repeated liquid, ventilation therapy and hysteroscopy, laparoscopy and laparotomy. It's worth to promote the treatment technology for female infertility.