How To Get Pregnant? | Female Infertility Treatments

How to Get Pregnant? | Female Infertility Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

How to get pregnant more easily? With the development of society, infertility patients increased year by year, a lot of couples in the preparation of a period of time without pregnancy began to worry about whether they had infertility. In fact, female pregnancy is a complex physiological process, must fit the following conditions:
  1. The ovaries release the normal ovum;
  2. Semen normal and contains normal sperm;
  3. Ovum and sperm can meet and combined in the fallopian tube;
  4. Fertilized eggs successfully transported into the uterine cavity;
  5. The endometrium has been fully prepared for implantation of fertilized eggs.
ZAIB Hospital experts said if any of these areas is not normal then it can prevent pregnancy. We cannot change any things but we can prepare for pregnancy actively which can make you better to "pregnant".
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 how to get pregnant?

Sex During Ovulation, Can Pregnant Easily!

Normal women of childbearing age have rapid menstrual cramps every month. The day from the start of menstrual cramps to the start of next menstrual cramps is known as menstrual cycle. The ovulation day is about 14 days before the next menstrual cramps.
Exhausted eggs can survive for about 24 hours, if it's not fertilization it will be degradation and absorbed by the body. Sperm into the female genital tract can maintain fertility after the time of 1 to 3 days. Therefore, female and male only have sex during the first 3 days of ovulation to 1 day after ovulation, and then will mostly get pregnancy. But if one of them has lost fertility it will not conceive when the sperm and egg meet.
If have sex during ovulation, but cannot be pregnant, ZAIB Hospital fertility experts advise: one of you or both infertility! >>> What should i do for infertility? How to get pregnant? ZAIB infertility expert will tell you
ZAIB Hospital provides cradle for you to conceive a healthy baby.

The Infertility Treatment for Female

Fallopian Tubal Infertility Treatment:

Laparoscopic COOK guide wire re-operation, smooth the fallopian tube to do "pregnant mother"
Palace laparoscopic COOK guide wire re-operation is hysteroscopy, laparoscopic and COOK guide wire technology collectively. The combined use of the greater advantage is that the tubal obstruction can be done in patients with severe infertility exploration; effectively clean up a variety of pathology, and to assist the guide wire to intervene to clear. Compared with the traditional laparoscopy combined laparoscopic exploration, laparoscopic COOK guide wire combined recanalization of refractory tubal obstruction disease treatment, more targeted.

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fallopian tubal infertility

Ovarian Infertility Treatment: Sexual Salpingo Graphy (SSG) - To Make Happy Family Happier

SSG is under the X-ray fluoroscopy first selective tubal angiography, and then based on selective salpingography, select the fallopian tube through obstructed parts of the wire separation adhesion, the use of NQ Catheter and ultra-white slip loach guide wire expansion and separation of the role of the impact of contrast agents and so on, so that the fallopian tube clear to top side.

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 ovarian infertility treatment

Immune Infertility Treatment: Immune Triple Therapy to Cure Immune Infertility Helps you to Pregnancy

Immune triple therapy use Chinese tradition medical to regulate the immune function, can improve the weakened immune function and also eliminate harmful immune to avoid side effects. ZAIB Hospital infertility experts use Chinese herbal medicines to tonify the kidney and significant effective to treat immune infertility.

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 immune triple therapy

ZAIB Hospital Experts Warm Tips:

If infertility couples want to be pregnant, should be promptly treated and pregnancy after cured. Otherwise the medicine will affect fetal development during treatment! Of course, want to easy pregnancy, there should be good habits daily life! Experts suggest taking more folic acid, no alcohol, tobacco and drugs, weight control and choosing health will both to improve the success rate of pregnancy and to reserves beneficial nutrients environment for the future baby.