How to Prevent Fallopian Tube Blockage?

How women do prevents Fallopian tube blockage?

At present, the number of people suffering from infertility is increased and especially because of fallopian tube. ZAIB Hospital infertility doctor introduces "how women to prevent tubal disease?”
Fallopian tube blockage
Some infertility cases in the fallopian tube blockage mildly adhered to pregnant after do a fallopian tube fluid or angiography, which means that sometimes can play a therapeutic role to do tubal examination. But in the vast majority of cases must reinstate from fallopian tube plastic surgery. The success rate of recanalization depends on the properties of Blocked and Range size. As the name suggests, Fallopian tube is the channel to transport the egg, it is also the sperm upstream channel of sperm, and the channel of fertilized eggs back to uterine cavity, so its directness or not affect fertility directly. Once the traffic arteries diseased or blocked it will cause infertility, endometriosis, and ectopic pregnancy finally. So the question is how to deal with tubal clogging? >>>Recommended reading: best tubal blockage treatment hospital in Lahore
The main cause of tubal disease is fallopian tube inflammation and pelvic peritonitis, chronic obstruction of vaginitis, cervicitis, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, sexually transmitted diseases, etc... Various causes of tubal inflammation will damage the tubal mucosa to format scar and adhesions, then tubal lumen will stenosis or blockage. At this point the purpose of treatment is to eliminate or control inflammation, clear the fallopian tube, so that infertility patients to pregnancy as soon as possible. But the biggest problem is how to clear. The liquid cannot be sure whether there is clogging, the position of clogging and whether there is tubal hydration. It is recommended to do uterine fallopian tube lipiodol angiography that three to seven days after the next menstrual completely clean. It cannot be ruled out the possibility that there is inflammation or congestion on fallopian tube when pain.