Male Infertility Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

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ZAIB Hospital in Lahore brings Chinese doctors all the way from China they have vast experience in treating male infertility diseases. We are the best andrology hospital in Lahore. We treat male infertility problems with the help of Chines traditional medicines.

Male Infertility Treatment

Male infertility is caused by male factors of infertility. Generally cohabitation for more than 2 years after marriage did not take any contraceptive measures and the woman is not pregnant, known as infertility. The incidence was about 10%. Which is a single factor is about 50% of the woman, the man factor is about 30% pure, men and women a total of about 20%. The clinical male infertility is divided into two types of sexual dysfunction and sexual function, which based on semen analysis can be further divided into azoospermia, oligozoospermia, oligozoospermia, sperm weakness and sperm count of normal infertility .

male infertility
Treatment of male factors caused by infertility, first of all should find the real cause of infertility, and according to the reasons for targeted treatment, so as to avoid misdiagnosis and aggravate the condition, and increase the psychological and economic burden on patients.
ZAIB Hospital in Lahore treats male infertility with the help of Chinese medicines.

In recent years, our country in male infertility diagnosis and treatment technology has made considerable progress, especially the "Chinese Traditional treatment" adhere to "1. comprehensive testing, identify the cause; 2 from the disease start, symptomatic treatment; 3, Dialectical treatment "of the three principles of treatment in the Chinese male infertility new therapy symposium received wide attention, the theory of advanced nature and the flexibility of treatment methods and experts refreshing, and created a sterile treatment in China A new era.