Males Infertility Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

ZAIB Hospital

ZAIB hospital in Lahore is from the best infertility treatment centers from all the hospitals in Lahore. We have Chinese infertility specialists in our hospital. They treat infertility of males with the help of Chinese herbal medicines. Following are the two diseases and their treatments of impotency

Treatment of Impotency:

Treatment of the underlying causes is the first step to treat impotency. A physician or a doctor first treats the underlying problems by prescribing the following treatments:
male infertility treatment
After this treatment a physician will treat the patient by bringing the changes in the lifestyle of the patient for the treatment of the impotency. Those treatments include followings:
  • Counseling of sexual anxiety
  • Counseling of Psychological issue.
  • Maintenance of a healthy weight.
  • Reducing alcohol use, reducing tobacco use.

Herbal Treatment:

Following herbs are used in the treatment of Impotency:
  • Ginseng.
  • Tribulus fruit.
  • Maca root.
  • Saw palmetto berry.
  • Yohimbe bark

Herbs Used in the Spermatorrhea Treatment:

Safed Musli :

This herb is used for the many sexual problems of the men. It is used for the low libido, wet dreams and impotence.

Aswagandha :

This herb is used to get strength and stamina for the purpose of sexual act. This is used by the males for the betterment of the sexual power.


Saffron is used for the treatment of the sexual problems of the males.