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ZAIB Hospital is the only treatment centre from all the hospitals in Lahore who are using international technologies and Chinese traditional medicines to treat patients. ZAIB Hospital is the only chinese andrology hospital in Lahore. Dr RUIJUN LIU is the male infertility specialist.

How to check up male infertility?

Male infertility has been plagued by the majority of male friends, men suffering from infertility will affect the marriage, and some even lead to family breakdown, so should pay attention to male infertility. But, how to check up male infertility?
ZAIB Hospital experts will you introduce in detail about it, I hope can help you.
men fertility test

How to check up Male infertility?

Semen examination:

This examination is the most important role of male fertility, so it's necessary inspection items. Sometimes this check should repeat many times.

X-ray examination:

Can vas deferens epididymis, vas deferens and seminal vesiculography contrast urethrography according to the situation, mainly for suspected spermatic duct obstruction of the patients, in order to clear the vas deferens with or without dysplasia, malformations, is smooth, and the site of obstruction etc..

Chromosome inspection:

With the development of genetics, has been found to have some infertility, infertility (especially habitual abortion) causes of the husband and wife or one party chromosome abnormalities caused by. These abnormalities can be expressed as the increase in chromosome number or abnormal structure.

Endocrine function tests:

Coordinate the development and differentiation of spermatogenic cells is dependent on the body function of the endocrine system, the endocrine examination can understand endocrine function, especially spermatogenesis was closely related to the hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis function is normal.

Immunological examination:

Some infertility and the presence of sperm antibody (sperm agglutination antibody, etc.), so sometimes you need to carry out the relevant immunological examination.

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