Treatment for Male Infertility

Male Infertility Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

ZAIB hospital provides male infertility treatment and we are best from all the hospitals in Lahore. We have Chinese Andrology specialists in our hospital, Dr. Ruijun Lui. He treats Andrology disorders with the help of Chinese traditional medicines, latest technologies, latest equipment and minimally invasive surgery methods.

World Health Organization (WHO) has clearly pointed out that the normal couples of childbearing age of 12 months or more did not take contraceptive measures to live a regular life without pregnancy can be defined as infertility. There are about 15% married couples faces infertility issues. 50% infertility caused by male factors, which is known as male infertility.

What are the Symptoms of Male Infertility?


1, Ejaculation Pain:

Ejaculation pain accompanied by dysuria, some men do not mean to ejaculation or urination, it also causes male infertility.

2, Impotence:

In the normal sexual life, if the male penis cannot erection or erection is not hard, will serious impact sexual intercourse. And finally not induce ejaculation and cause infertility.

3, Azoospermia:

It is also a direct cause of male infertility. Generally it is divided into obstructive azoospermia and non-obstructive azoospermia. The disease mostly caused by urinary system problem.

4, Less Semen:

Less semen will affect the number and activity of sperm. And it will reduce the chance combination of sperm and egg, which affecting the female conception.
Male infertility treatment

Can Male Infertility can be Cured?

ZAIB hospital expert doctor said, identify the cause and treat effective, male infertility can be cured!

1, Infertility Caused by Genital Infection:

Infertility which is caused by genital infection can be treated by antibiotic anti-inflammatory, supplemented by drugs to improve sperm motility.

2, Azoospermia:

Azoospermia, oligospermia and idiopathic infertility, should be treated by hormones as endocrine therapy.

3, Low sperm motility:

It can be improve mainly with herbal treatment.

Varicocele Infertility Treatment:

Minimally invasive recovery under laparoscopic, get rid of infertility to help you achieve the "father" dream.
Minimally invasive surgery under Laparoscopic is the newer international technology to treat varicocele. With Its amazing postoperative effect, the International Infertility Medical Association and the World Health Organization suggest to cure varicocele before! International medical community suggests this technology as the best treatment for varicocele.

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varicocele infertility treatment

Abnormal Sperm Semen Infertility:

Spermatogenic therapy is used to fix the problem of sperm and semen. Spermatogenic therapy is developed by ZAIB Hospital well-known old experts to provide effective male infertility treatment. For the cause of unsmooth or unlived, with advanced equipment and microsurgery to smooth the vas deferens. Treat semen with Chinese medicine to cure sperm and semen problems such as Azoospermia, oligospermia , asthnospermia, dead sperm, blood semen, sperm vitality, sperm non-active and Sperm deformity.
Both of the above mentioned therapies are used to provide treatment for male infertility. If you are suffering from infertility disorders then come to ZAIB Hospital we are best at treating male infertility disorders.

 abnormal sperm treatment
Expert’s advice: When there is abnormal situation on the male's body, you should go to the hospital to check up, and then be treated according to the results of the examination.