What is Necrozoospermia? | Causes and Treatment

Necrozoospermia Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

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Definition of Necrozoospermia

Necrozoospermia is a medical term that refers to dead sperms in a fresh sample of semen.
Mastuburating for a semen analysis has to be done by the fertility friendly lubricant. If you didn’t use fertility friendly lubricant then it will affect your semen.
necrozoospemia treatment

Causes of Necrozoospermia:

Doctors found that many factor can cause necrozoospermia. It doesn’t depend on a single factor.

Some causes of Necrozoospermia:

  • Infection in the male reproductive area
  • Extended periods of no ejaculation
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Problems with the testicles

Necrozoospermia Treatment:

If a person is diagnosed with necrozoospermia then many medicines will be prescribed to it.
If necrozoospermia is caused by drug abuse, treatment of drug addiction may be recommended.
ZAIB Hopsital in Lahore treats male infertility problems with the help of Chinese Traditional medicines.