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Why You Are Not Getting Pregnant? | How To Get Pregnant?

If you feel that you have tried many times to get pregnant and you are failed in doing so. Then you should visit ZAIB Hospital in order to treat your gynecological disorder or infertility disorder. ZAIB hospital has female Chinese gynecologist in Lahore Dr. Goufen. She treats patients with the help of traditional Chinese medicines. She knows how to handle all the complexities that occur during treatment of infertility of females. We here at ZAIB treats through Chinese way of tretment. We diagnose the diseases properly. We have latest ISO standards medical technologies and equipments in our hospital. We are best in treating infertility of females.
Effort every month to test the ovulation, the couple of days each month are particularly "hard", but often measured early pregnancy test paper is a whiteboard. How is it so difficult in getting pregnant?
In fact, the impact of a good woman for many reasons, in addition to master the best time of conception, daily life, there are many matters need attention.

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Harmful Chemicals Affect in getting pregnant

Many chemical toxins will destroy the egg; it is also likely to cause endocrine secretion disorder. Some perfluorochemicals contained in water-resistant clothing, pesticides, food packaging, interior decorations, and Teflon-free coatings are not only toxic to the body's liver, immune system, developmental and reproductive organs, Infertility, but also affect fetal development.

Alcohol, Coffee Impair Fertility

Regular alcohol consumption, particularly alcohol abuse women, fertility will be significantly weakened. Because alcohol hinders the absorption of nutrients, just a glass of red wine may reduce the body's zinc content, and zinc is the basic factor of fertility. Caffeine - even if you drink only two cups of coffee a day, will also reduce fertility by 50%. Cola beverages have the same effect, because cola also contains a lot of caffeine. After having alcohol mostly women affect their fertility and asks questions from doctors why it is so difficult in getting pregnant? So consumption of alcohol is very dangerous for health and fertility.

Obesity is not Conducive to Pregnancy

Obesity can damage the female endocrine, also hinder ovulation, but also lead to various health problems, such as: high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and so on. These diseases may also cause infertility in women, and may cause some complications during pregnancy. Obese women with morbid obesity will also have a lower chance of attempting fertility treatment.

Poor Sexual Habits Reproductive Harm

Some young women unsanitary sex, sexual promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, often in the incubation period, for a moment, do not see the impact, but unwittingly caused pelvic inflammatory disease, resulting in infertility. Menstrual sexual intercourse is easy to make bacteria and blood through the relaxation of the official neck into the pelvic cavity, causing infection. More seriously, if the counter-current menstrual blood in the pelvic remnants, it will cause endometriosis. Both are destructive fertility killer.
All of the above mentioned will harm your pregnancy, and will not help you in getting pregnant.