Cryptorchidism or Undescended Testicles Treatment

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Cryptorchidism: Surgical Treatment and Therapy

Cryptorchidism disorder in men is a common birth defect that men may face. It is a condition where men genitals do not possess the testes. The treatment can be carried out in a young age as well. This can be done through proper medical surgery and therapy later. The surgery should be carried out at least when the child is 6 months or older. There are many medical centers and hospitals in Lahore that can help in this regard.  ZAIB Hospital in Lahore is one of the most prominent names for its treatment in Lahore.

Let’s take a look at some of the facts regarding this disorder in men and try to figure out some practical aspects of for treatment of Cryptorchidism in Pakistan.

How Surgery Works?

Testicles of baby boys are developed during the time when boy is still in his mother’s womb. However the drop down of testicles in the scrotum occurs just a few months before the birth. If the testicles do not drop down in scrotum, there can be the problem of Cryptorchidism disorder in menThis condition can be treated through surgery and one can drop down the scrotum through making the cut surgically.

Surgery is one of the options to tackle the Cryptorchidism disorder in men only when the testes are present but they are not release properly. The surgery is carried out for the release of testicles from the extra skin inside the scrotum. Commonly its treatment in Pakistan is carried out through the surgical processes however now there are also other options to treat this disorder with hormonal and treatment therapy.

Hormonal Therapy:

If the Cryptorchidism disorder in men is of different nature, that is the absolute absence of testicles in scrotum, it can be treated with hormonal therapy and medicines treatment. There are a very few hospitals providing this sort of therapy for treatment of Cryptorchidism in Lahore.

Advanced medical centers like ZAIB Hospital in Lahore are now carrying out hormonal as well as surgical treatment to cure the Cryptorchidism disorder. The hormonal therapy basically uses medicines carrying natural hormones to promote the growth of testicles in men. This technique of treatment is backed with the ancient techniques of medical treatments and has got modern edge to it as well. The hormonal treatment of Cryptorchidism in Lahore also contributes in providing fertility in men and can be carried out at any stage of time during the men’s life.

Hence these are some the most practiced treatments for Cryptorchidism. If someone is facing the problem it needs to be cured with the best of the tow treatments and also has to be done at the earliest possible. You can find many medical centers and experts that can help you in this regards where ZAIB Hospital in Lahore also posses all the expertise needed for the surgical treatment for this problem. You can find all the related information about the treatment and contact the espert doctors through a visit or visiting the website online.

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