Penis Malformations Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

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Penis Malformations | Penis Deformity Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

Penis malformations are due to embryonic development, reproductive nodules and the formation of genital urogenital sinus development abnormalities. Penis is a man’s sexual organs, its shape, size and function, directly related to men’s self-esteem and fertility. Penis malformation if not treated, it will affect the future of sexual function and fertility.

Causes of Deformation:

1. Congenital disease, if the male suffering from the urethra, the next crack is a penile malformations. Urethral, ​​lower crack, often accompanied by urethral shortening of the fascia and lack of flexibility, so usually the penis will bend up or down; bending after the erection is more obvious.

2. The phenomenon of penis malformations, caudal side of the thicker side of the thinner, erection when the penis will bend to the fine side, more common is to bend to the left.

3. Penis injury, surgery and other trauma can lead to corpus cavernosum injury; if not timely repair, or secondary infection, can also cause penile bending.

Complication Occurs Because of Malformation:

1. Obstruct development

Children with penile malformations, not timely treatment will affect their normal development and future normal function.

2.  Affect urination

Penis reversal of the performance of the penis head is deviated from the center line, will lead to men cannot normally stand urination. It results in many patients with psychological pressure.

3.  Cannot intercourse

No matter what kind of penis malformations will make the house difficult to normal; seriously affect the feelings of both sides. It is difficult to have children. In the end of the sex life, the deformity of the penis often cannot be smooth into the woman’s vagina deep; it cannot make the woman pregnant.

Deformity Treatment at ZAIB Hospital:

ZAIB hospital treats all penis disorders. We have Chinese Andrology and infertility specialists in our hospital. We treat through Chinese herbal medicines. If you are facing penis disorders and you wants its treatment then come visit ZAIB hospital. We are best from all hospitals in Lahore.

  1. Congenital absence of penis malformations, the best treatment is to return to women, the surgery, including testicular resection and genital formation.
  1. Hidden penile malformations, treatment is a comprehensive weight loss treatment, if necessary, the implementation of penile angioplasty and supplemented by endocrine therapy. Children should be treated as soon as possible before puberty.
  1. Double penile deformities, the treatment of simple double penile malformation is relatively simple, can retain the thick side and the other side of the excision.
  1. Small penile deformity, the first to lift the patient’s urination difficult, should be implemented as soon as possible urethral surgery. If necessary, can be small penis enlargement surgery.
  1. Large penile malformation, partial resection of the corpus cavernosum surgery.
  1. Webbed penis deformity, choose penile angioplasty or hypospadias repair for treatment.
  1. Penile deformity, resection of the penis straight tissue, including penile plastic surgery.
  1. Hypospadias and urethral rupture, correction of penile pain erection and bending deformity, while repair the urethra.

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