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What is Priapism? | Treatment of Priapsim

“Priapism is the condition of the penile erection that lasts for more than 4 hours. It is very painful condition. It may happen without any sexual arousal.”

Penile Erections are due to the proper blood flow in the Penis tissues. They cannot happen without the proper blood flow. Actually when a man gets excited, the blood vessels in his pelvic regions and in penis are relaxed and expanded. This expansion and relaxation cause the penis to bring more blood in the spongy tissues of the men. When this happens, the valves in the veins of the penis are closed. This closing of the valves cause the collection of the blood in that area. This leads to the penile erection at the end of the excitement the valves of the veins are open the blood flows outward and hence, the penis return to its normal state.

The abnormal blood flows causes this condition called priapism. It is a prolonged erection of the penis tissues. This is an abnormality found in males. This is an uncommon condition at all. It is a male disorder. In spite of the fact that priapism is an abnormal condition at all, it happens normally in specific  groups, for example, individuals who have sickle cell anemia. Prompt treatment for priapism is generally expected to counteract tissue harm that could bring about the powerlessness to get or keep up an erection. Simply it can cause erectile dysfunction.

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Priapism is most normal in men in their 30s

Erections can’t occur without legitimate blood stream. Typically when a man gets stimulated, the supply routes in his pelvis and penis relax and extend, conveying more blood to spongy tissues in the penis. In the meantime, the valves in the veins close, catching blood in the zone and bringing about an erection. After the excitement is over, the vein valves open, the blood streams out, and the penis comes back to its typical state.

Blood stream that is not typical can bring about priapism, an erection that goes on for over 4 hours, is normally excruciating, and may happen without sexual excitement.
It can happen to guys of any age, including infants.

There are two main types:

1) Low –flow or ischemic Priapism:

This sort happens when blood gets caught in the erection chambers. Most of the times, there is no main cause, yet it might influence men with sickle-cell sickness, leukemia (disease of the blood), or malaria. If that you don’t escape from this disorder, it can prompt to scarring and permanent erectile dysfunction ED).

2) High –Flow or non-ischemic Priapism:

This sort is more uncommon than low-flow and is typically less agonizing. It regularly happens when harm to the penis or the area between the scrotum and anus, called the perineum, ruptures an artery, which prevents blood in the penis from moving normal.

Causes of Priapism:

Sickle cell Anemia:

A research shows that 42 % men with anemia have priapism in their life at some point.


Many men get this condition by misusing some medications. Many drugs cause the priapism by their misuse.
Drugs used for the nervous disorders and erectile dysfunctions are the main cause of the priapism.

Followings are the other causes of the priapism:
·         Injury of spinal cord
·         Injury of genital parts
·         Black widow spider bite
·         Scorpion strings
·         Carbon monoxide poisoning
·         Use of cocaine
·         Use of marijuana
·         It is very rare, but priapism can occur due to cancers that affect the penis and stop blood from flowing out of that part.

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