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What is priapism? | Priapism Treatment in Lahore

Erections can’t occur without legitimate blood stream. Regularly when a man gets excited, the arteries in his pelvis and penis unwind and grow, conveying more blood to elastic tissues in the penis.

In the meantime, the valves in the veins close, catching blood in the region and bringing on an erection. After the fervor closes, the vein valves open, the blood streams out, and the penis come back to its typical state.

Blood stream that is not ordinary can bring about priapism, an erection that goes on for over 4 hours, is typically agonizing, and may happen without sexual excitement.

It happens in all the age groups of the man.

Types of Priapism:


Low-stream or ischemic priapism:

This sort happens when blood gets caught in the erection chambers. More often than not, there’s no unmistakable cause, yet it might influence men with sickle-cell sickness, leukemia (malignancy of the blood), or jungle fever. In the event that you don’t escape, it can prompt to scarring and lasting erectile brokenness (ED).

High-stream or non-ischemic priapism:

This sort is more uncommon than low-stream and is normally less difficult. It frequently happens when harm to the penis or the range between the scrotum and butt, called the perineum, bursts a supply route, which keeps blood in the penis from moving regularly.

What Causes Priapism?


Sicle sign enemia :

Before getting priapism treatment it is very necessary to know its cause. Scientists think about 42% of men with sickle cell anemia will get priapism at some point.

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Various males face the situation when they use or waste some kinds of medication. The pills or shots that treat ED may also cause priapism.

Other causes include:
·         An injury to the spinal cord or genital area
·         Black widow spider bat and scorpion stings
·         Carbon monoxide. poisoning
·         Using street drugs like marijuana and cocaine.

It is rare, but priapism can happen because of cancers that affect the penis and prevent blood from flowing out of the area.

Getting a Diagnosis:

For priapism treatment it is very important to diagnose it properly, hence, just like other diseases the diagnosis of the priapism is very important. If you think you might have priapism, you need to get medical care right away. Tell your doctor:
·         How long you’ve had the erection
·         How long your erections usually last
·         Any drugs, legal or illegal, that you’ve used
·         If the problem happened after an injuryYour doctor will examine your medical history and he will do a complete physical exam to access out what’s reason behind your problem. He will examine your GIT and belly for any signs of cancer. You may also need to see a urologist for more screening tests, including:

Blood tests

Many tests are conducted before priapism treatment.
·         An imaging test called a color  Doppled ultrasound, which shows how blood is flowing in your penis
·         An X-ray called an arteriogram that detects a dye your doctor injects into an artery.

Priapism Treatment at ZAIB Hospital:

For the first time in the history of Pakistan Chinese is providing priapism treatment in Lahore at ZAIB Hospital. ZAIB Hospital have Chinese Andrology specialist. He treats priapism and other Andrology disorders with the help of Chinese herbal medicines and minimally invasive surgeries. If you are facing these kinds of disorders then visit our hospital.

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