Chronic Prostatitis Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

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Chronic Prostatitis Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

ZAIB hospital is best from all hospitals in lahore who are providing treatment of andrology disorders. ZAIB hospital treats all Andrology related disorders and acute and chronic prostatitis treatment is one from them. We here at ZAIB provide treatment of chronic prostatitis with the help of visual cavity intervention technology. This technology is ISO certified. The main advantages of using this technology are:

  1. Safely treatment.
  2. Treatment with less pain.
  3. Treatment with less bleeding.
  4. Treatment effect is better.
  5. Treatment cost is less.

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Chronic Prostatitis Symptoms

Chronic prostatitis symptoms are many, the more typical performance is:

1, Urinary Discomfort:

There may be bladder thorn disease, such as urinary occurrence, urination, urinary tract sweltering, pain and emission to the penis head. Early morning urethra may have mucus and other secretions, but also the feeling of dysuria.

2, The Local Symptoms:

Posterior urethra, perineal and anal bulge distress, squatting, stool and elongated sitting on the chair stool pain increased.

3, Radioactive Pain:

Chronic prostatitis pain is not limited to the urethra and perineum, but also to its nearby emission, the following low back pain is more common. In addition, the penis, spermatic cord, testis scrotum, lower abdomen, groin area (root of thighs), thighs, rectum etc. can be affected.

4, Sexual Dysfunction:

Chronic prostatitis can cause loss of libido and ejaculation pain, ejaculation premature disease, and affect the quality of semen in the urination or stool can also occur when the urethra flow white, when combined with seminal vesicle can be blood.

5, Other Symptoms:

Chronic prostatitis can be combined with neurasthenia, showing weakness, dizziness, insomnia; long-lasting prostate inflammation can even cause the body’s allergic reaction, conjunctivitis, arthritis and other diseases.

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