Multidimensional Ultrasound Therapy for Prostate

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Multidimensional Ultrasound Therapy for Treatment of Prostatitis

In recent years, the incidence of prostatitis clinically significant increase and it’s the major disease to disturb men’s health. Because of special anatomical structure of prostate and confusion treatment, clinical conventional treatment methods more unsatisfactory, making difficult to treat prostate disease. Treat too long but not cure better, so that treatment of prostatitis has become one of the world’s troubled medical problems, meantime patients with prostate disease more physical and psychological and financial burden.

In this case, “Multidimensional ultrasound therapy” is now officially available. China became the third country after the United States, Israel to have the technology.

And now ZAIB Hospital imports the technology of male professional medical institutions to Pakistan from China.

“Multidimensional ultrasound therapy” is standard tested by the United States National Institutes of Health (NIH) Chronic Prostatitis Symptom Score (NIH-CPSI), proved that effective in the treatment of prostatitis, eliminate various pain which caused by prostatitis and
Finally to improve the patient’s mental state and quality of life.

Leading Four Major Effects

1, Ultrasonic Warm Effect:

Ultrasonic vibration in the body, cell friction can produce endogenous heat, can deep into the prostate tissue, the use of vibration wave generated by the warm effect of repairing the lesion without side effects, while the warm effect of ultrasound can increase the number of capillary network open, and increase blood circulation.

2, Biological Effects of Ultrasound

Including physical-chemical effects and dispersion effects, Nerve cells in human tissues are very sensitive to ultrasound, which can guide the activities of ultrasound in the body; those who can identification and distinct normal or abnormal prostate tissue, and then the abnormal prostate tissue will be repaired and inhibited.

3, Ultrasonic Mechanical Effects

Ultrasonic waves transfer mechanical vibrations from the outside to tiny molecules, allowing these molecules to do the same mechanical vibrations that can cause cell cytoplasmic flow, cell oscillation, rotation, friction, resulting in intracellular massage, also known as “internal massage” Ultrasonic treatment of the unique characteristics. Can change the permeability of the prostate gland membrane, can soften the tissue, enhance the penetration, improve metabolism, promote blood circulation, stimulate the nervous system and cell function, dilation of blood vessels, and improve blood supply.

4, Ultrasound Penetration Effect of Drugs

Ultrasound effects on the prostate can produce micro-acoustic flow, the role of micro-acoustic flow of the cells to the sensitivity of drug changes. The mechanical and thermal effects of ultrasound can make the macromolecule drug DE polymerization, which is conducive to drug into the body. Ultrasound, cell permeability increased, the drug can fully penetrate the human body. The clinical practice, multi-dimensional polymerized ultrasound treatment technology with drug treatment efficiency of 95% or more.

Four Major Therapeutic Effects:

1, The Role of Diffusion in Treatment of Prostatitis:

Ultrasound can improve the permeability of the prostate capsule, so that potassium, calcium ion permeability of the strong change, thereby enhancing the diffusion process of the prostate capsule, and promote material exchange, accelerate metabolism, improve tissue nutrition.

2, Thixotropic Effect

Under ultrasonic action, the gel can be transformed into a sol state. Softening of the prostate gland, and some of the prostate water-related pathological changes

3, Polymerization and DE Polymerization

Water molecule polymerization is the synthesis of multiple identical or similar molecules into a larger molecular process. Macromolecule DE polymerization, the macromolecules of chemicals into small molecules in the process, can make the prostate tissue hydrolase activity increased.

4, Anti-Inflammatory, Repair Cells and Molecular Effects

Under the action of ultrasound, PH value of the prostate tissue to alkaline development, relieve inflammation associated with local acidosis. Ultrasound can affect blood flow, resulting in inflammation, inhibit and play an anti-inflammatory effect. So that white blood cell movement, promote angiogenesis, collagen synthesis and maturation, promote repair and healing process, so as to achieve cleaning, activation, repair role.

Safe and Efficient Treatment of Prostatitis Characteristics

1,Non-interventional mode, from perineum to treat prostate and abdomen with multi-dimensional continuous polymerization of ultrasound , mechanical and manual with the operation, the formation of multi-dimensional three-dimensional treatment. And the prostate to be treated scientific and comprehensive.

2,In a very short time with the elimination of prostatitis caused by the pelvic floor area (including the lower abdomen, perineum, testis, urethra, pubic bone, etc.) pain and urination discomfort or other symptoms. There is a strong pain effect, in clinical practice; the greatest experience is that patients need only one treatment, pelvic floor area of ​​the pain will be greatly reduced, after a course of treatment, the pain completely eliminated. Drugs with ultrasound into the efficacy and ultrasound efficacy can be substantially increased, so that the efficiency of 95% or more.

3, Multi-dimensional polymerized ultrasound treatment technology can effectively eliminate the induration of the prostate induration, which completely dredge the gland, to kill any obstruction in the gland tube bacteria and proves to be very efficent in the treatment of prostatitis.

4, Compare to electromagnetic therapy such as electronic pulse and microwave, ultrasound is completely different, multi-dimensional ultrasound treatment of polymer acoustic technology just use purely mechanical waves, not radiation,

5,Both to ensure adequate treatment of the prostate, and also to ensure that other organizations around the prostate tissue security, especially not impact the reproductive system.

6, Multi-dimensional polymerized ultrasound treatment technology is safe, there is no risk to damage sperm.

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