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Prostatitis Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

Clinical research shows that: prostatitis is a common male disease, frequently-occurring disease, and the recurrence rate of up to 80%. Long-term lack of formal Prostatitis treatment, in addition to the body can directly damage, but also lead to decreased semen quality, reduced fertility, and even cause infertility, especially chronic prostatitis. ZAIB Hospital introduced world-class “visual cavity intervention” technology. The technology passed the ISO quality system certification, the European Union CE certification, and highly praised and affirmed by the urge of the authority.

The main prostatitis treatment is to find out the cause, usually have to prescribe the right medicine. Let’s look at the etiology of prostatitis and symptoms of what are it?

What are the Causes of Prostatitis?

Prostatitis is the main cause by the pathogen infection. Pathogens into the prostate mainly in three ways: the first is retrograde urethral infection. The second is a bloodstream infection that pathogenic bacteria associated with blood flow into the prostate. The third is lymphatic infection.

Then why it is so difficult to treat prostatitis? Concord ZAIB Hospital will tell you prostatitis refractory three main problems.

Difficulties in Prostatitis Treatment:

Reports show the previous prostatitis treatment, mainly in antibiotic therapy, injection therapy and so on, although the symptoms can ease the patient, but just a temporary solution, it is easy to relapse. The fundamental reason is:

Gland Stasis:

Prostate inflammation, the pathogen infection of the pus and prostate lipoprotein binding into the pus suppository, will block the gland duct, thereby affecting the normal secretion of the prostate function, resulting in pus and necrotic tissue cannot be discharged outside the body. If the duct obstruction, even if the use of drug  prostatitis treatment, drugs cannot direct the affected area, so that treatment has become useless, the symptoms are still repeated.

Capsule Barrier:

The prostate is wrapped with a layer of lipid membrane outside, in the course of drug treatment, this layer will selectively block the antibacterial drugs from the blood, resulting in drug concentrations in the prostate is much lower than the blood concentration, The effect of the lesion is like “every step itch” cannot achieve the purpose of treatment.

Fiber Sclerosis:

If the chronic prostatitis used inappropriate treatment, not only for the disease, but aggravate the pathological damage, resulting in the gradual hardening of the prostate, the formation of fibrous sclerosis of the prostate. If only the use of a unified therapy, easy to leave bacteria, viruses, resulting in their treatment again after the endurance.

Clinical Shows:

The three major breakthrough of cavity intervention

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Visual cavity interventional technique is that the current domestic prostatitis treatment efficacy more precise and safer high-tech treatment technology. After clinical validation and the patient’s personal experience, summed up the visual cavity intervention technology has three major breakthroughs:

Breakthrough 1, Smooth Tube:

The prostatic urethra can be around the creature and the mouth of the plug is “liquefied dissolved”, blocked the nozzle immediately open, the drug immediately into the small duct, the small tube of harmful secretions, Pathogens, pathogens, viruses and other micro-organisms were washed out of the body, the small intestine pathogens were clear, small duct to return to normal, perineal pain, urethral burning discomfort, urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, White and other clinical symptoms disappeared.

Breakthrough Second, the Elimination Barrier:

In the prostate lipid capsule can be “liquefied dissolved” to eliminate the role of drug-coated barrier, the drug directly to the lesion core, so that all the drug performance, rapid pathogens, pathogens, viruses and other microbial elimination.

Breakthrough Three, Regain the Glory:

Completely break the traditional treatment of the symptoms of the body of the shortcomings of treatment, to “cure prostate gland, clear prostate poisoning, urinary glands, purine adenosis, glands, clear adenosis” , Improve urination symptoms, promote the repair of diseased tissue, restore sexual function.

Patient’s experience, summed up the five major advantages:

Advantages of Prostatitis Treatment at ZAIB Hospital:

Advantages First, the Treatment is Safely:

The whole process by the microelectronics control records, and display on the computer display. Low requirements for patients’ physical fitness, visual treatment safe and reliable;

Advantages Second, Less Pain:

urethral irrigation in patients with 2% lidocaine glue, treat easily;

Advantages Third, Less Bleeding:

high-frequency electromagnetic field through the shock effect, thermal effects and other principles of non-traumatic damage to the prostate tissue. Breaking the microwave, short-wave, radio frequency, drug infusion, injection and so cannot penetrate the physiological barrier of prostate lipid barrier;

Advantages Fourth, The Effect is Better:

Cavity interventional therapy by timely and timely irrigation of the prostate tube openings, so that the small gland tube mouth is not easy to block, the natural liquid from the duct in vitro, pathogenic microorganisms cannot survive, to ensure maintenance treatment Normal prostate function;

Advantages Fifth, Cost Less:

Cavity interventional treatment to lift the treatment of many patients after the offense, relapse and treatment of a long cure and painful and costly recycling path.
At the same time, because there are five advantages of the ART visual cavity interventional therapy instrument: simple operation, safely, less pain, less bleeding, effetely and low cost , has been received to  praise from patients, so that the new Technology in practice has been fully recognized.

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