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About Zaib Hospital Lahore & What We Do

Zaib Hospital is a state-of-the-art medical facility equipped with the latest medical treatment facilities and has a number of expert doctors on its team making it one of the best hospitals in Lahore. Although we are well equipped to tackle any medical complaint, the following are some of the experts that our team of dedicated doctors has a complete grip upon.
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Gynecology Disease

We have a team of Gynecology experts that are there to help our patients round the clock, conducting Gynecology examinations and diagnosis.

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Andrology Disease

We have a team of expert doctors with the specialization in all the disorders and a grip over all the medical problems related to men.

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Anorectal Disease

Our team Anorectal Experts is working round the clock to provide all sorts of expertise to our patients with any kind Anorectal Complications.

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Infertility Disease

Zaib Hospital Lahore provides Best treatment for both male and female infertility relate disease with the help of Chinese Traditional Medicines.

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Our Departments

Particularly relating to the problems of the male reproductive system

Andrology Department

A general perception about men being medically superior in all regards, especially in sexual issues related to them, urology issues and infertility treatment.

Medical pratice dealing with the health of female’s reproductive system

Gynecology Department

There are various kinds of gynecologic diseases treated here, the most common diseases are uterine myoma, ovarian cyst, vaginitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion etc

Refers to illnesses of the anus and/or rectum

Anorectal Department

With all these departments and medical facilities at Zaib Hospital, we also have a qualified department that solely deals with Gastro, Hemorrhoids, Fissure, Fistula, etc

Neck or back pain? Treatment of all Body Pains

Physiotherapy Department

Zaib Hospital Lahore is providing the services of specialized physiotherapists and orthopedic surgeons for the treatment of all kinds of joint and muscle pain treatments.

Meet Our Doctors

For a medical hospital to work at its optimum, there are basically two things that are needed to be fulfilled, one is the requirement of the state of the art facilities and treatment equipment and the second one is a dedicated team of qualified and expert doctors. In Zaib Hospital, you can find the perfect amalgamation of both that provides us with happy clients and healthy patients.


Wang Zhi


Goufen Liu

Anorectal Specialist

Liu Zeli


Sang Mailin


September 24, 2022

Anal Papillae Treatment at ZAIB Hospital What is Anal Papillae? Anal papillary hypertrophy also known as anal papilloma which is the anal papillae increases harden with the stimulus of stool and chronic inflammation .It is one of Anorectal common benign tumor. This disease progress is slow and the treatment effective. Mostly on young adults and women more than men. Clinical prolapse in addition to anal papilloma, sometimes bleeding stool, and stool is not empty, anal itching as the main symptoms. It is one of benign tumor. But it may be malignant without promptly treated. So you must promptly check to […]

September 24, 2022

Blood in Stool Treatment at ZAIB Hospital ZAIB hospital is best from all hospitals in Lahore who are providing treatment of Anorectal disorders. We treat stool bleeding or blood in stool with the help of Chinese traditional medicines. We have Chinese Anorectal specialists in our hospital, Dr. Ruijun and Dr. Aizhu Wang. They both are Chinese experts and treat all those diseases that can causes blood in the stool. What Causes Stool Bleeding? ZAIB Hospitals experts said that In many Anorectal diseases, not just hemorrhoids can cause blood in the stool, many other Anorectal diseases, such as anal fissure, Rectal polyps, colon polyps, ulcerative colitis and even rectal cancer will cause blood in […]

September 24, 2022

Treatment of Diarrhea at ZAIB Hospital: Diarrhea caused by the infections of bacteria. ZAIB hospital in Lahore to provides the treatment of diarrhea with the help of Chinese traditional medicines. We at ZAIB are best in treating diarrhea in Lahore. We have Chinese Anorectal specialists in our hospital who has 30 years of experience in treating Anorectal disorders. What is Diarrhea? Diarrhea has a common symptom, refers to the frequency of bowel movements was significantly more than the usual daily frequency, fecal thin, water increased daily defecation of more than 200g, or undigested food or pus and blood, mucus. Diarrhea can often accompanied […]


What our patients says

Sadia Sadaqat

Dr. Guofen Liu is the most experienced female gynecologist from all hospitals in Lahore to whom I ever met. She first thoroughly studied my case and then she performed my surgery. I am feeling very healthy after surgery. Dr Goufen and all of her staff are very good and cooperative. Thumbs up for Zaib hospital.

Amir Jameel

Dr. Zhi Wang is very expert and very caring doctor. I’m so pleased that I visits his medical hospital he gives me with such respect that no one treated me before. He actuallyfound what I was facing with the problem. He diagnoses my problem properly and then he starts its treatment. Now I am feeling much better.

Usman Kahlid

I was suffering from azoospermia for more than two and a half years. In that time I visit many infertility specialists in Lahore But I didn’t find cure from them. Then I come to know about Zaib Hospital and their Chinese infertility specialists. I visited Zaib Hospital twice and I’m happy to say that I find cure in just one month.

Ashar Ali

I have come to know about Zaib hospital is providing piles treatment. So I consulted them and they operate my hemorrhoids through advanced way of treatment. Now I’m enjoying good health.

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We are making the modern medical facilities accessible to those who cannot find them easily throughout the hospitals in Lahore. A few of our highly specialized services are provided by specialized doctors from the fields of Gynecology , Andrology and Anorectal Issue.
We provide the services with a vision of excellence and we have so far…

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