Removal of the Foreskin or Circumcision

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Circumcision in Lahore | Surgical Removal of the Foreskin of Male

We all know the importance of circumcision and treatment of removal of foreskin in Pakistan. As being a Muslim society, a vast majority of Pakistan’s male population needs to go through the surgical process of removing foreskin or circumcision of their penis at some point of their life. However the foreskin removal of males comes with its certain risks and aspects that are needed to be kept under consideration before making any move. Let’s take a look at some of the complication that on may follow during the circumcisionwith medical as well as social perspective.

Finding the Right Person to do it:

It is very important to get the circumcision done through someone who is medically expert enough to know the risks. As if it is not done properly one can left with lifetime malfunction of male body part. Another aspect to be kept under consideration is the fact of increasing contagious diseases. Especially in a big metropolitan city like Lahore where the number of contagious diseases is increasing day by day, one should look towards the best treatment of removal of foreskin circumcision in Lahore.

What does the operation involve?

The operation for foreskin removal is pretty straight forward. If done by the proper channel the first step is to use anesthetic gel or other types of anesthesia to minimize the pain that would occur during the operation. After which a dorsal slit is made till the mark of attachment of foreskin and shaft of penis. This slit opens the foreskin up to be cut with frenulum slit and to be taken off right away.

Risks Involved in Circumcision of Males:

There also some risks involved in the foreskin removal treatment. Lets enlist some of the risks that are involved in the process and afterwards.
·         Removal of too much of foreskin
·         Removal of too little of foreskin
·         Damaging the Shaft of penis through scars
·         Damage to the head of penis
·         Scar tissue of glands and shaftThese are some of the risks that are involved in this operation however if done through a proper process and by the hands of experts the risk is almost minimized to zero.

Circumcision in Lahore

ZAIB hospital in Lahore offers the treatment of removal of foreskin in Lahore with experts and operational equipment that is up to the mark. ZAIB hospital in Lahore specializes in circumcision for not only young but also old, mid age and new born males as well.

It is highly recommended that one should only let some expert and medically trained person carry out this crucial operation as it seems to be a very simple one and unfortunately in our society there are many non medical quacks claiming to carry it out perfectly, but the risks of infection and catching disease as well as deformation of penis is highly involved in the whole process due to which it should only be practiced by some expert.

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