ED Treatment Penile Back Deep Vein Embeddin

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ED Treatment Penile Back Deep Vein Embedding

ED is an abbreviation for erectile dysfunction. It’s a sexual dysfunction refers to a penis condition that cannot reach and maintain a full erection to obtain a satisfactory sexual life. There are many factors to cause ED, such as psychological factors, drug factors, neurological factors, vascular factors. According to a large number of clinical data from all types of ED about 68%, the largest proportion suffers from venous ED. From that 68% the 92% patients suffers from penis back deep vein blood leakage.

We here at ZAIB Hospital in Lahore provide ED treatment. We have Chinese andrology specialist in our hospital.

The Traditional Venous ED Treatment:

·         Oral drugs and sexual therapy
·         A vacuum negative pressure device, penile cornea injection and intrauterine administration.
·         The treatment above for patients is ineffective, can be surgical treatment.

The Principle of Back Deep Vein Occlusion of the Penis:

The principle is to keep the integrity of the penis back deep vein and slip a short section of the penis back deep vein embedded in the penis under the white membrane. When penile swelling and erection, due to elevated penile corpus cavernosum caused embedding in the penis under the white film of the small penis back deep vein compression, blocking the blood flow of penis back deep vein, so that erection hardness is rapidly improved and maintenance.

When the penis recovery soft, due to penile corpus cavernosum pressure gradually decreased to normal levels, the white membrane of the penis back deep vein pressure gradually lifted to restore blood flow. At present, there are a number of hospitals in China have adopted this ED treatment technology, and have a better effect. According to a large number of data statistics, the treatment efficiency of 82.4% and its long-term effect is good, and new methods accepted by patients easily.

The Prominent Features of Back Deep Vein Occlusion of Penile

Traumatic mild:  Surgery trauma is very small, postoperative physical examination having no abnormalities, penile root incision healing is good, and the surgical site of the corpus cavernosum of the local induration no tenderness. So it’s good procedure for ED treatment.

Significant effect: clinical data show that all cases the hardness of morning erection increased 2-3 days after surgery, and there is no abnormal erection. The follow-up 1-2 years after surgery prove that all patients can do normal sexual life without any discomfort after 6 months. The effective rate of operation was 83.3%.

Less complications: surgery completely retain the penis back deep vein circulation pathway, to maintain the normal blood circulation of the penis, only when the penis began expand increased  to cavernous pressure, the embedded a small deep back deep vein was oppressed, thus cut off the back deep vein blood flow and improve and maintain the erection of the penis hardness, when the corpus cavernosum blood flow decreased, the corpus cavernosum pressure reduced gradually, the deep back deep vein pressure gradually lifted, blood resmooth, to avoid the venous collateral circulation to Formate other complications.

Which Patients are Suitable for ED Treatment through Back Deep Vein?

Mainly suitable to all types of intravenous ED patients, the indications are:
1) Can’t erection with sexual stimulation.
2) Those who are generally less than 50 years old
3) Penile corneal angiography and color Doppler confirmed that the penis back deep vein leakage.
4) Exclusion of penile arteries, sponges, neurological factors.
5) Exclude other patients with chronic systemic disease.

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