Six in one type of therapy in the clinical application for the patient’s actual condition, drugs, electromagnetic, rehabilitation and other comprehensive treatment of multi-pronged approach, the treatment effect is significant, which is the best clinical choice to treat sexual dysfunction disease technology currently. Six-in-one typing therapy mainly from six aspects:

1, Specific Test, Clear the Cause:

Six therapies are a scientific testing based on advanced equipment as the support to comprehensive treatment as the main of the advanced treatment. For Erectile Dysfunction complex causes, use Doppler penile artery blood flow analyzer, male sexual function dynamic diagnostic instrument, NPT penile erectile function detector, sex hormone detection system, urodynamic analyzer and other cutting-edge equipment, and so on which more than ten ED-related  projects for special testing, accurate identification of the cause, comprehensive and accurate treatment.

2, Ionization and Collaterals, Acupoint Treatment:

Use advanced sexual dysfunction comprehensive rehabilitation apparatus for electrical pulse, vacuum suction, pneumatic massage and many other physical therapy, regulating cerebral cortex function, excitement of spinal cord central activity, and through special equipment Shi Zhi in the penis and the relevant points, the expansion of penile arteriovenous blood vessels, activation of cavernous power, thicken corpus cavernosum volume.

3, Vacuum Press, Magnetic Resonance Consolidation:

By vacuum press, suction training, excitement of spinal cord function center to help penile erection, and enhance penile blood filling the corpus cavernosum and reduce blood flow, improve penile hardness and maintain erection time, increase penis Muscular activity improves penile erectile function. Using the magnetic resonance system to produce bio-magnetic effects and high-energy electromagnetic field to improve the penile erectile function, while the use of simulated vaginal temperature, the liquid massage and electric pulse and other functions, the effective regulation of penile passive erectile function.

4, The Combination of Chinese and Western Medical, Dialectical Treatment:

Use selected drugs for regulatory nerve, gonadal axis and penile artery vascular epithelial cell function, increased blood flow, activation of cavernous power to improve erection hardness, return to normal ejaculation threshold. On the endocrine problems, reproductive system inflammation, vascular insufficiency caused by sexual dysfunction for treatment, classification diagnosis and treatment. Combination of Chinese and Western, scientific group side, conditioning qi and blood, dredge meridians, eliminate inflammation, improve immunity, and promote disease rehabilitation.

5, Psychological Factors, Psychotherapy:

Psychological experts and patients with deep psychological communication, clear the patient’s subconscious obstacles in the root, to take the appropriate targeted psychological treatment, eliminate psychological disorders effective, enhance patient confidence.

6, Rehabilitation Check to Prevent Recurrence:

Rehabilitation examination is with the consent of patients, comprehend understands the patient’s sexual life, to solve the various psychological problems encountered in time, to consolidate the treatment effect, which is The key step to ensure that patients recover.

Six-in-one treatment of male sexual dysfunction treatment, accurate classification, the combination of Chinese and Western medical, symptomatic treatment, really to help male  to get rid of sexual dysfunction and enjoy the sexual life.

This treatment suitable for Impotence, sexual dysfunction, penis short, long-term tonic invalid, low libido, nocturnal emission, ejaculation weakness, no sex pleasure and so on.