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Sperm is a male reproductive cell. The fertility of men depends upon the quality and the quantity of the sperm. If any of the quality and quantity lacks then the person faces infertility.

Following are the sperm disorders found in most of the men:
1.        Azoospermia- No sperm count.
2.        Low sperm count.
3.        Low sperm motility.
4.        Abnormal sperm morphology.

Zhongba hospital provides the low sperm count treatment with the help of Chinese traditional medicines and using latest technologies. We have Chinese male Andrologists in Lahore, Dr. Ruijun. He is azoospermia treatment specialist. He treat through Chinese way of treatment.

Azoospermia Treatment and Types

September 19th, 2022 by
Azoospermia Treatment and Types

How To Treat Azoospermia | Azoospermia Types What is Azoospermia? It is referred as no sperm count or low sperm count in men. Azoospermia causes infertility on a wide scale. How a man can say that his fertility is Ok if he didn’t have sperm. Classification and its Types: ZAIB Hospital experts said that generally it is divided into two types: 1.        True azoospermia 2.        Fake azoospermia. Live chat with us…..!!!!!! True Azoospermia: It means the spermatogenic cells atrophy and degeneration cannot produce sperm. Fake Azoospermia: It means the testis can produce sperm, but sperm cannot be released because the […]

Azoospermia Treatment in Lahore | ZAIB Hospital

September 19th, 2022 by

Azoospermia Treatment in Lahore at ZAIB Hospital: What is Azoospermia? Semen examination revealed no spermatozoa, which we called azoospermia. “If a person ejaculates three times and doctor is unable to find sperm in that then we call this as azoospermia”. As the most difficult to treat infertility, one of its patients gave brought grave suffering, but also to bring the doctor numerous problems. More than 15% to 20% males suffer from this. It contributes a major role in infertility of males. So azoospermia treatment is very much important for males. It is categorized into two categories. First, testicular dysfunction, known as primary azoospermia and […]

Spermatogenic Dysfunction Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

September 19th, 2022 by
Spermatogenic Dysfunction Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine to Treat Spermatogenic Dysfunction According to the estimates of World Health Organization (WHO) that there are about 6-8 million infertile couples on the world. Infertility is found in every 1 couple from 10 couples. About half of them are affected by male infertility. Therefore male infertility becomes from top three to harm male health with prostate disease and sexual dysfunction. The reason for the male infertility is manifested in the sharp decline in the number and quality of spermatozoa. The most common male infertility situations are caused by oligospermia, weak sperm, azoospermia, and dead sperm. The Improvement of male […]

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