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Azoospermia Treatment in Lahore at ZAIB Hospital:

What is Azoospermia?

Semen examination revealed no spermatozoa, which we called azoospermia. “If a person ejaculates three times and doctor is unable to find sperm in that then we call this as azoospermia”.

As the most difficult to treat infertility, one of its patients gave brought grave suffering, but also to bring the doctor numerous problems. More than 15% to 20% males suffer from this. It contributes a major role in infertility of males. So azoospermia treatment is very much important for males.
It is categorized into two categories.

  • First, testicular dysfunction, known as primary azoospermia and non –obstructive.
  • Second, the normal spermatogenesis, but the vas deferens obstruction, sperm cannot be excreted, known as obstructive azoospermia lead.

Common Cause:

1.        No spermatogenic cells:

In many men, the vas deferens contains only podocytes. There are many reasons for this, including the administration of cytotoxic drugs, radiation or some of the factors of the fetus.

2.        Primary testicular insufficiency

This may be due to genetic defects, undescended testicles, testicular physical damage, puberty mumps testicular function caused by incomplete, affect fertility.

Azoospermia Causing Infertility:

Spermatogenesis disorder is an important cause of azoospermia, it also the cause of male infertility, and spermatogenesis disorders are: congenital malformations such as no testicular Spermatogenesis disorder is an important cause of azoospermia, it is also the cause of male infertility and spermatogenesis disorders like:
1.        Congenital malformations such as no testicular deformity, cryptorchidism, and testicular hypoplasia.
2.        Testicular trauma.
3.        Vas deferens arterial trauma.
4.        Testicular torsion.
5.        Mumps orchitis caused by testicular atrophy.
6.         Endocrine disorders such as gonads, pituitary dysfunction.

Previously, there was not a single Andrology Clinic present in Lahore who treats Andrology Disorders like azoospermia. But know for the very first time Chinese have established there hospital in Lahore which provides treatment of Andrology disorders. ZAIB Hospital has Chinese specialists.

ZAIB hospital in Lahore provides the Azoospermia treatment with the help of Chinese medicines. All you need to do is come to our hospital meet our Chinese Andrology and infertility specialist Dr. Ruijun Liu and consult with him. He will first listen to you carefully and then he will deeply diagnose its causes. After complete diagnoses he will prescribe you Chinese medicine and after completing the coures of medicine you will be cured.

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