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Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine to Treat Spermatogenic Dysfunction

According to the estimates of World Health Organization (WHO) that there are about 6-8 million infertile couples on the world. Infertility is found in every 1 couple from 10 couples. About half of them are affected by male infertility. Therefore male infertility becomes from top three to harm male health with prostate disease and sexual dysfunction. The reason for the male infertility is manifested in the sharp decline in the number and quality of spermatozoa. The most common male infertility situations are caused by oligospermia, weak sperm, azoospermia, and dead sperm. The Improvement of male spermatogenesis function to increase the number and quality of sperm is the main problem to cure male infertility.

The Causes of Spermatogenic Dysfunction are Complex

Spermatozoa are produced in the testis and stored in the epididymis. The original germ cells are divided into a large number of spermatogonial cells by filamentous cells, and then grow into primary spermatocytes, secondary spermatocytes and sperm cells, and finally become spermatozoa of haploid. The illness or abnormalities of testis, epididymis and surrounding tissue lesions will affect the number and quality of sperm production, resulting in spermatogenic dysfunction infertility. Common clinical causes of reproductive dysfunction are:
1. Hereditary diseases such as KineLeltrs syndrome.
2. Congenital anomalies, no testis, bilateral cryptorchidism, germ cell dysplasia, spermatogenic function is seriously low;
3. Endocrine abnormalities, such as high gonadotropin gonadal dysfunction, hyperprolactinemia, adrenal insufficiency, hyperthyroidism, androgen, estrogen too much;
4. Branch cell syndrome, can be congenital or acquired factors lead to germ cell shedding, leaving only support cells, resulting in azoospermia.
5. Refined tubule transparent lesions, can be caused by non-specific inflammation or mumps orchitis.
6. Severe varicocele
7. High titer anti-sperm antibody;
8. Eat crude cottonseed oil long-term;
9. Drug or radiation damage;
10. Reproductive system tuberculosis, severe systemic disease, malnutrition and so on.

Advanced Spermatogenic Function Activation Technology

In Spermatogenic function activation therapy doctors use traditional Chinese and Western medicine theory and methods, and with modern advanced treatment equipment and technology, to recycling or regeneration some nearly dead or dysfunction of testicular spermatogenesis capacity so called “sperm Functional activation therapy “.

The Crowed of Spermatogenic Function Activating Therapy

Spermatogenic functional activation therapy is mainly used for male infertility treatment which caused by testicular spermatogenesis factors, including:
1. Testicular dysfunction or low caused by oligospermia and weak sperm.
2. Spermatogenic dysfunction caused by Testicular dysplasia, smaller volume.
3. Testicular trauma.
4. Less or weak spermatozoa.

Spermatogenic Dysfunction Should Take Full Treatment Course

ZAIB Hospital infertility experts said that they require course of treatment is on any disease, and the activation of spermatogenic function therapy is also needed. Because from the spermatogenic dysfunction to return to the normal spermatogenic function gradually needs a specific treatment cycle. Spermatogonial cells and spermatocytes are eventually developed into mature spermatozoa are cyclical and spermatozoa mature in seminiferous tubules for about 64-72 days. In addition, the sperm also to stay about 19-25 days to more mature in the epididymis. And then the sperm was active and fertilization capacity. So, the whole maturation process of spermatozoa takes about 90 days. That is why the medicine therapy for azoospermia and oligozoospermia usually lasts for at least 3 months. So the patient in the course of treatment must be impatient, not change the other hospital after take a few days medicine, or ask for another medicine, which will cause useless for cure finally, and Wasted time and money.

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