Testicular hydrocele Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

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Testicular hydrocele Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

It is a cyst disease formatted by cavity of the fluid which around the testicular accumulation of more than the normal amount. This is a common male disease happens on various ages. The main symptoms are the tumor on one or both sides of the groin or scrotum of, the size is not obvious.

There are many causes of testicular hydrocele. Such as acute orchitis, epididymitis, spermatic corditis, etc., can increase irritation of the spinaitis caused by inflammation, resulting in effusion. So the patient must be carrying out a detailed examination to confirm first and then be treated. It should be treated timely to avoid causing more serious harms.

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ZAIB Hospital in Lahore provides testicular hydrocele treatment. We have Chinese andrologist in our hospital that provides its treatment. We are best andrology treatment center from all the hospitals in Lahore. There are many ways to treat it, mainly in the following categories:

Injection Therapy:

Inject irritating drugs such as silicon ning and sodium salicylate into cavity of tunica vaginalis after spleen, so that to form inflammatory adhesions to eliminate the sheath cavity. However, there is side effect of this therapy. Incomplete adhesions will form multi hydrocele; will cause more difficulties on surgical treatment, so rarely to use.

Surgical Treatment:

Congenital hydrocele cannot be used Injection treatment, mainly use surgical treatment. The purpose of surgery is to do high ligation on inner ring the neck to block ascites downstream.

Chinese Medical Treatment:

Hydrocele is the scrotum hydrocephalus edema disease, Chinese medical experts believe that according to its symptoms is a body of cold and cold dampness under the focus of the focus, it is appropriate to use Qi solid table, warm dampness, accompanied by gas products.However, it should be noted that if hydrocele not cured by its self after the age of six, then you should do relevant treatment.

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Testicular hydrocele is not an incurable disease. So patients should be treated timely when suffering from the disease. And if delays then it will more harms you.
Any disease should adhere to early detection, early treatment, so as to restore health as soon as possible.

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