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Urethritis in men is an inflammation of urethra and is very common disease. In this situation man feels very pain during urine passing. In case of man both of urine and semen passes through urethra. Urethritis often causes by the bacterial reactions and germs on urethra. One of the major reasons for bacterial infection and germs are sexually transmitted disease. We also called them as STD.
There is no doubt about the severity of urethritis disease. It put serious impact on patient’s life once the disease occurred. Patients should seek treatment actively to solve this problem at time. So what should we do with this problem?  ZhongBa hospital doctors said that although there is great harm of urethritis, so it is very important for patients to find a suitable male urethritis treatment for their own condition actively. The following are some precautions and suggestions that a patient of urethritis should follow:

How should we deal with male urethritis?

At least for 2 weeks don’t have sex before and after the treatment of urethritis. It will help the disease to completely cure. You should be reviewed to assess whether the real recovery after treatment or not. You should go to the hospital regularly for specialist inspection in case of disease recurrence.
Not have bath in tub. Both males and female’s clothing to be stored separately. Wash underwear frequently, especially the new underwear or the underwear that you didn’t wear from long time. Completely dry clothes before wearing. You should wear breathe freely and more moisture cotton underwear. Suggest you to wear tight pants or jeans as few as possible, which is very important to protect male body health.
Urethritis patients should go to hospital regularly to examine with their sexual partner. And avoid sexual life before completely cured. Try to using protective tools such as condoms. Pay more attention to normal sexual life to be good personal hygiene habits.
In short, we can’t ignore the harm of urethritis. We should pay more attention to choose a good way to cure the disease.
Zhongba hospital provides the male urethritis treatment and all Andrology disorders treatment with the help of Chinese traditional medicines. We at Zhongba have Chinese andrologists in Lahore Dr. Ruijun. He treats through Chinese way of treatment. He treats urethritis with the help of Chinese traditional medicines and latest medical technologies.

Causes of urethritis and treatment in Lahore – ZAIB Hospi

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Causes of urethritis and treatment in Lahore - ZAIB Hospi

Urethritis causes and treatment in Lahore – ZAIB Hospital Urethritis is an infection of the urethra. That is the tube that carries urine from the bladder to outside of the body. Pain with urination is the main symptom of urethritis. Urethritis is commonly due to inflammation by bacteria. It can typically be treated with antibiotics. ZAIB hospital is providing services of famous Chinese urologist in Lahore for urethritis treatment with herbal medication and advanced technologies depending on causes of urethritis. Causes of Urethritis Most causes of urethritis occur due to infection by bacteria that enter the urethra from the skin around the urethra’s opening. Bacteria that […]

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