Varicocele Effects, Symptoms and Treatment

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Varicocele Effects, Symptoms and Treatment

Nowadays, the phenomenon of male infertility has become more and more common, especially male infertility caused by varicocele, and varicocele will not only Cause male infertility, but also endanger the health of men. Therefore, patients must pay attention to that, and treat timely.

So, How to Treat Varicocele Effect?

Understanding varicocele symptoms, timely treatment with half the effort

ZAIB Hospital experts said: mild varicocele appearance observation is not obvious; just hold your breath, spurts increase in abdominal pressure, found varicose veins. Severe varicocele, the skin surface of the scrotum can also be used to see the naked eye twisted veins.

Some varicoceled patients feel scrotal straining feeling or bulge discomfort, at the same time, abdominal and waist pain; stand too long or walk tired after the symptoms are more obvious.

But it cannot be less care, the clinical cases of varicocele, if not timely and effective treatment, the disease will worsen, and have far-reaching influence for the meridians poor blood flow, toxic substance deposition, leads to spermatogenic impairment, and cause abnormal sperm semen, leading to male infertility. Varicocele, the sooner the better therapeutic effect, less disease impact.

Choose a Scientific Treatment, Varicocele Treatment

ZAIB hospital using Chinese varicocele dredging, the treatment of varicose veins is the international medical community suggested high-end technology, compared to ordinary drug treatment, has a stronger superiority. ZAIB fertility expert’s effort to conduct extensive research on this minimally invasive surgery, the success of the treatment of thousands of patients with varicose veins, postoperative infertility treatment results are very good.

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