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Vas Deferens Vasectomy in Lahore at ZAIB Hospital

Vasectomy is one of vas deferens sterilization. Vas deferens is superficial and can be fixed through the skin. Then infiltrate anesthesia in the sparse department from the both sides of scrotum. Cut the skin, lift it up and free vas deferens. Cut is off about 0.8 cm and slightly away from the epididymis. Ligate and embedding the two ends and then suture the skin when there is no bleeding. The operation is simple and safe. As long as doctors follow the aseptic technique and surgical procedures strictly, carefully and seriously, the complications rarely occur. If complications once occur and you found it with-in time then take appropriate treatment. It can be also be properly resolved.

What is Vas Deferens Vasectomy?

The process of vasectomy is as follows:

1, Clean with warm solution of 0.1% benzalkonium bromide (1: 1000 bromo-geramine) three times and then put potholes. Find the vas deferens with the left thumb and middle finger in the front of the scrotum and fixed on the subcutaneous. Local anesthesia the skin of fixed vas deferens. Inject the drug when needle in, so that the liquid dispersed from the skin to the vas deferens around.

2, Make a small incision with a small knife at the local anesthesia area. The length of incision should not more than 0.4cm. Separation clamps directly to the vas deferens and separates it along the longitudinal axis. Then the vasectomy fixed clamp into the incision to catch the vas deferens tube and pull out of the incision.
3, The mosquito clamp separates the vas deferens sheath and blood vessels. The vas deferens separation should be of 1-1.5cm. With two mosquito hemostats in the separation section of the above and below clamp vas deferens, and then remove the mosquito clamp.

4, Cut and ligate the free vas deferens. Use hemostatic forceps to twist the wound. Ligate both ends with 1# wire. Spacing will be of 1.5cm. Lift the ligation line to cut the vas deferens tube about 1cm. Cut the ligation line when no bleeding. The separation of broken spermatic cord fascia, isolate it from the distal end. Then put back it into the skin wound. Carefully use hemostasis. The skin wound may not need to suture, but should be aligned edge.

5, Deal the other side of the vas deferens with the same method. Covered the wound with sterile gauze and fixed with adhesive tape after surgery.

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