Anal Papillae Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

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Anal Papillae Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

What is Anal Papillae?

Anal papillary hypertrophy also known as anal papilloma which is the anal papillae increases harden with the stimulus of stool and chronic inflammation .It is one of Anorectal common benign tumor. This disease progress is slow and the treatment effective. Mostly on young adults and women more than men. Clinical prolapse in addition to anal papilloma, sometimes bleeding stool, and stool is not empty, anal itching as the main symptoms.

It is one of benign tumor. But it may be malignant without promptly treated. So you must promptly check to treat once there are some symptoms to avoid infinite suffering.

What are the Symptoms ?

①   Anal discomfort: from beginning feeling of bulging anus and sometimes anal itching and discomfort. If it’s inflammation, the sense of significant bulge and because of frequent stimulation and desire to defecation.
②   Anal nipple prolapse: anal papillae grows to a certain condition, will out of the anus with the stool. At the Beginning can back to the inside of anus auto. But later need to push back to the anal canal, or even prolapse of the anus.
③   Bleeding and pain: the case of dry hard stool bruises the anus, can be blood, bleeding and pain.
④   Incarcerated:  anus papillary prolapse outside, will incarcerated without pushed back into the anus. After incarcerated, edema, pain are severe, mobility, restless, and even difficult to both urine and stool.

How Can I Check for these Symptoms? Seek Medical Advice

ZAIB doctor said, although mostly anal papilloma is benign. But there are 30% possibility to malignant of clinical. So suggest you diagnosis ​​early and early anal papillae treatment. So it will not get worst.

How to Provide its Treatment ? Listen to the Doctor’s Advice Carefully!

HCPT micro wound treatment ceremony is controlled by the computer CP program. the temperature release heat, high efficiency and micro wound, high-frequency hemostasis, not hurt other tissues, lesion site and the anal cushion tissue reduction; also can cut the mucosa and sub mucosal lesions Blood vessels, reducing the blood supply within the lesion, to shrink atrophy.

The Advantages of HCPT Micro Wound for Anal Papillae Treatment:

HCPT controllable and local operability is strong, normal tissue can be done without carbonation, scab, vascular closure is better, in a short period to reach the lesion necrosis and dry then Fall off. So as to obtain satisfactory treatment effect;

Diagnosis no error and not harm the normal tissue. The treatment of lesion location by the instrument with digital display, the wound and harm reduction;

Almost no pain after surgery, very easy and fast recovery:  anesthesia the localized lesion during surgery, and the wound is very small so very little bleeding and very little pain. 1-2 hours after surgery without special circumstances you can go home. It will not affect the normal Walking, sitting, defecation, life and work.

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