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Constipation (Qabz) is clinical disorder in which a person passes few stools or bowels as compared to the normal routine. In this condition person feels very much worried. On an average person faces only three bowel movements in a week.

Constipation is caused by when the colon absorbs too much water. Those persons whose digestive systems are good mostly didn’t suffer from this disorder.

Zhongba hospital in Lahore provides the Constipation treatment (Qabz ka ilaj) with the help of Chinese traditional medicines and minimally invasive surgery method. In most of the cases there is no need for the surgery.

Treatment of Constipation in Lahore

September 24th, 2022 by
Treatment of Constipation in Lahore

Treatment of Constipation at ZAIB Hospital: ZAIB hospital in Lahore provides treatment of constipation through Chinese way of treatment. We have Chinese specialists in our hospital. We treat constipation (qabz) with the help of Chinese traditional medicines and minimally invasive surgery method. In most of the cases there is no need for surgery. What is Constipation? Constipation (Qabz) is a common clinical symptom, rather than a disease, mainly refers to reduce the number of bowel movements, reduce the amount of feces, feces dry, defecation effort. Must be combined with the characteristics of stool, I usually bowel habits and defecation with or without the difficulty […]

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