Treatment of Diarrhea at ZAIB Hospital

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Treatment of Diarrhea at ZAIB Hospital:

Diarrhea caused by the infections of bacteria. ZAIB hospital in Lahore to provides the treatment of diarrhea with the help of Chinese traditional medicines. We at ZAIB are best in treating diarrhea in Lahore. We have Chinese Anorectal specialists in our hospital who has 30 years of experience in treating Anorectal disorders.

What is Diarrhea?

Diarrhea has a common symptom, refers to the frequency of bowel movements was significantly more than the usual daily frequency, fecal thin, water increased daily defecation of more than 200g, or undigested food or pus and blood, mucus. Diarrhea can often accompanied by defecation urgency, anal discomfort, incontinence and other symptoms.

Diarrhea divided into two categories of acute and chronic.

Ø  Rapid onset of acute diarrhea, may have duration of 2 to 3 weeks.
Ø  Chronic diarrhea refers to the course of more than two months or intermittent period of 2 to 4 weeks of recurrent diarrhea to heel.

Effects of diarrhea:

Persistent diarrhea causes the body to lose large amounts of water and nutrients from body. If you have diarrhea more than three times a day and you are not drinking enough fluids, you could become dehydrated because of it. Dehydration is the loss of water from body tissues, which disturbs the balance of essential substances in your body. Dehydration can cause serious complications if it is not treated in early stage.

Tell your healthcare provider if you have persistent diarrhea and have any one of the following signs of dehydration:

Ø  Dark urine
Ø  Small amount of urine
Ø  Rapid heart rate
Ø  Headaches
Ø  Flushed, dry skin
Ø  Irritability
Ø  Confusion

Causes of diarrhea:

The most common cause of diarrhea is a virus that directly infects the bowel. The infection usually lasts for two days or more and is sometimes called “intestinal flu.” Diarrhea also may be caused by followings:
Ø  Infection by bacteria
Ø  Infections by other organisms
Ø  Eating foods that upset the digestive system
Ø  Allergies to certain foods
Ø  Medications
Ø  Radiation therapy
Ø  Malabsorption of food (poor absorption)
Diarrhea also may occur after constipation, especially for people who have an irritable bowel syndrome

Symptoms of Diarrhea:

The symptoms of mild diarrhea can include:
Ø  Bloating or cramps in the abdomen
Ø  Thin or loose stools
Ø  Watery stool
Ø  A strong need to have a bowel movement
Ø  In some cases, nausea (upset stomach) and vomiting
In addition to the above mentioned symptoms, symptoms of severe diarrhea include:
Ø  Blood, mucus, or undigested food in the stool
Ø  Weight loss or dehydration (lack of water)
Ø  Fever
Ø  Severe pain
Severe diarrhea may be a sign of a more serious illness; if you have these symptoms, you should call your doctor for cure. Contact your healthcare provider if the diarrhea continues for a long time, or if you have a fever that lasts more than 24 hours or more. Also, see your doctor right away if vomiting prevents you from drinking liquids to replace lost fluids and can be serious.

Treatment of Diarrhea:

Etiological treatment and symptomatic treatment are very important to cure diarrhea. In the absence of a clear cause before, we should carefully use painkillers and antidiarrheal drugs, so as not to cover up the symptoms that caused by misdiagnosis, delay the disease.

Etiology Treatment

(1) Anti-infection treatment according to different causes, use the appropriate antibiotics and medicines.
(2) Other, such as lactose intolerance should not use dairy products, should be fasting wheat products. Chronic pancreatitis can supplement a variety of digestive enzymes. Drug-related diarrhea should immediately disable the drug to cure.

Symptomatic Treatment

General treatment correcting water, electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders and nutritional imbalance is important. As appropriate, add liquid, vitamin supplements, amino acids, fat emulsion and other nutrients which help.

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