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Bawaseer Ka Ilaj in Lahore:

Hemorrhoids (Bawaseer) are the body of the rectum and mucous membrane of the lower end of the skin under the expansion of the venous plexus formed by the formation of soft vein mass. Many hemorrhoids patients faces blood in the stool, repeated bleeding. In this way iron loss from patient’s body in large amount, causing iron deficiency which is also known as anemia. So hemorrhoids with blood in the stool should be treated in time.

There are two types of hemorrhoids or piles or bawaseer:

  1. Internal Hemorrhoids.
  2. External Hemorrhoids.
Following are some of the treatment procedure that we provide to patients that comes to our for hemorrhoids treatment:

Hemorrhoids Treatment in Lahore:


ZAIB hospital is best in treating hemorrhoids (Bawaseer ka ilaj). We have Chinese Anorectal specialists, Dr. Aizhu Wang and Dr. Ruijun in our hospital. We treat hemorrhoids with the help of Chinese traditional medicines and latest surgery methods like minimally invasive surgery method. We also use PPH technology to cure it. There are many advantages of using PPH surgery and less pain is one from these advantages.

1. Surgical Therapy

The purpose of surgery is to remove it and other mechanical methods are used to collapse it. Electrocoagulation or laser irradiation is also very effective in its treatment.

2. Ultra-low Temperature, Ultra-High Temperature Therapy

Treatment principle is the use of ultra-low temperature or ultra-high temperature to produce cold or thermal effects. It oscillates ion penetration biophysical effects, such as electric field capacitance effect. So that the lesion tissue protein coagulation, vascular embolization closed, electrocoagulation, cutting, tissue degeneration, necrotic loss or sclerosis atrophy and other therapeutic purposes, still belong to the type of sclerotherapy and hemorrhoids repeated reproduction, with the results of surgical therapy is similar.

3. Ligation, Ligation Therapy

This process is used for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids. The main purpose of this process is to stop the blood supply to hemorrhoids. Easy to produce congestion and edema, pain and it reduces defecation difficulties.

4. Injection Therapy

Clinical commonly used injections are mainly sclerosing atrophy and dry hemorrhoids necrotic agent two. They are used to remove the hemorrhoids.

5. Minimally Invasive Treatment

Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) is a technology that is used for its treatment. We here at ZAIB use minimally invasive surgery method to treat it. The principle of this treatment is to preserve anal cushion. Hemorrhoids that are on the mucous membrane, sub mucosal tissue ring resection and anastomosis at the same time, the instantaneous anastomosis. Both blocked the blood supply of hemorrhoids and slip tissue suspension will be the uncontrolled state of Anorectal return to normal structural state. In this way we treat piles or hemorrhoids (bawaseer ka ilaj) in our hospital.

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