Anal Polyps Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

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Anal Polyps Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

What is Anal Polyps?

Anal polyps is a polyp inside of anus which different from hemorrhoids. It should be treated as soon as possible for its great harm. In general, surgery is an effective method to treat the disease. But many people worry about the polyp surgery costs.

Anorectal doctor of ZAIB Hospital reminded that anal polyps treatment costs will different from the conditions. So advice anal polyps patients not only worry about the cost, but to consider various factors of the disease.

ZAIB Hospital Anorectal Doctor Introduce:

Anal polyps may be deteriorated; patients should examine and treated as earlier as possible.
Although anal polyps will not contagion, but there is possibility of malignant. If Familial or multiple polyps will be malignant cause of not cure in time.

Therefore, the anal polyps must be examined and treated timely. But its high rate to misdiagnosis with only diagnose by eyes or touch. Effectively diagnose anal polyps with professional diagnostic equipment. Chinese National professional Anorectal specialist hospitals, free charge for any online advice <<< click to chat with online doctor

ZAIB doctor recommended >> Korean electronic anus mirror, “wise eye” to recognition anus polyps.

Anorectal department of ZAIB hospital spend huge amounts of money to introduce South Korea Dr.Camscope electronic anus mirror, anus can be checked effective. During the inspection process of Korean electronic Anorectal mirror can be observed in the lesion site. Then print to see with focus and enlarged the image. It provides a basis material to compare before and after treatment. This will help patients understand the disease to choose treatment options. And it will avoid the inadequate of traditional human inspection to delay. Known as “Golden eyes” for Anorectal disease examination

ZAIB Hospital doctor recommended >> HCPT anal method, good effect and costless anal polyps treatment.
How much is anal polyps surgery? It also depends on surgical methods.

There are three types Traditional surgical treatment of anal polyps:
①   Electro cautery method: under direct vision in the colonoscopy to electro cautery resect polyps.
②   Ligation method: tie the ligation set on the root of polyps.
   Resection: the polyps resect under Anesthetic surgery.

The New Method for Anal Polyps – HCPT Micro Wound Treatment

Treatment principle: there are five functions of HCPT micro wound treatment. in the high-frequency capacitance field, the organization in the two-stage high-speed ion oscillation heat, when the depletion of charged ions to the tissue fluid dry, The instrument automatically alarm and stop working, not produce carbonized lesions immediately shedding.

Advantages of HCPT:

ZAIB hospital introduces advanced HCPT from abroad. compared to traditional treatment methods, it’s controllable, more effective positioning, and less bleeding, less pain, less complications, save time And convenient. The price is almost the same with the traditional treatment methods, first choice for many patients with anal polyps

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