7 Traditional Chinese Medicines at ZAIB Hospital

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Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) at ZAIB Hospital

ZAIB hospital in Lahore provides treatment of infertilitygynecology, anorectalAndrology and diabetes with the help of Chinese traditional medicines. ZAIB is the first ever hospital in Lahore who provides treatment through Chinese herbal medicines. We have male Chinese specialists for male patients and female Chinese specialists for female patients.

Seven Kinds of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Li Shizhen believes that angelica is a woman regulating blood to drugs. From the beginning of China’s northern and Southern Dynasties, angelica was regarded as the blood circulation of treasures. Buxuetiaojing, Huoxuezhitong, Chak Yan skin, muscle strength and longevity. Extremely important in protecting women’s health.

Wolfberry Fruit:

China is the earliest recorded a gynecological medicine, can be nourishing Yin, invigorating liver and kidney, eyesight skin, hair and beauty. “Chongqing hall essay” evaluation of it: “special repair efforts, non-drug he can.” The “dictionary of Chinese medicine” that kidney, lungs, liver, eyesight.
Wolfberry Fruit


Can enhance the skin nutrition and skin antibacterial ability, prevent skin aging, promote hair growth, prevent hair loss. It contains a variety of amino acids and essential trace elements and folic acid, with a comprehensive nutritional role. Chinese medicine believes that it can replenish qi, Qi and blood, and on the collapse zone and all gas bad blood deficiency syndrome curative effect.


“Hua Zi:” Materia Medica “evaluation of treating wind up flood, the main disease and all women, postpartum diseases.” “Tang Materia Medica” said it “beneficial woman blood.” The modern Chinese medicine, it can relieve pain and nourishing the liver, slow, not adjusted for metrorrhagia, down effect.


Pearl has always been a valuable traditional Chinese medicine, the skin has a special nourishing role in health, can maintain delicate white face, and can promote human cell regeneration, prevent aging, delay wrinkles. Chinese medicine believes that it has the effects of Nourishing Yin, soothe the nerves, heart of Xifeng town of clearing heat and detoxification myogenic effects, can cure dizziness, tinnitus, headache, irritability, insomnia, palpitation and other symptoms.

Aloe Vera:

For women, Aloe Vera is the most familiar beauty jiapin. The Chinese view, aloe vera can treat heat, constipation, heat constipation, amenorrhea and other symptoms in women.
Aloe Vera


Chuanxiong has a high rating in the Tang Dynasty, “Hua Zi Materia Medica”: “rule all the wind, all gas, all strain, all blood, five labors, Qi Qi, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain, effective on dystocia, postpartum amenorrhea, blood stasis block pain. Strong bones, regulating all veins, raising new blood……” “Medical origins”: “blood, blood deficiency headache treatment.”
Chuanxiong More than 7 kinds of traditional Chinese herbal medicine are the most common herbs; in the treatment of gynecological diseases have a good therapeutic effect of health. Some traditional Chinese medicine can be used to drink water. Female friends choose Chinese medicine, according to their own physical and symptoms and other factors.

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