Gynecology and Anorectal Care in Pakistan

September 5, 2022 by zhmcadmin0

Gynecology and Anorectal Care in Pakistan

Pakistan as being a developing country suffers from a lot of different problems and issues. One of which is increasing child mortality and maternal death rate in Pakistan. There are also a lot of other issues that people, females as well as male, face than can only be taken care through the proper channels of gynechology and anorectal care services in Pakistan. Many of the major cities are also facing the lack of good and up to the mark services in this regard, such as lack of gynecology hospital in Lahore and Karachi is a matter of grave importance.

The services offered by the private medical centers are too expensive for an average citizen to afford. This problem can easily be evicted through betterment in the quality of gynecology hospital in Pakistan.

Hygiene and health related issues are of great importance that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.  Let’s discuss some of the major aspects that can be taken care through strengthening the gynecology and anorectal care services in Pakistan and especially in the ever growing city of Lahore.

First of all people need to come out of the stereotype of considering the sexual health and its awareness as a taboo to talk in the society. We need to pay severe attention to this issue as our exposure to the negative aspect of this matter is increasing day by day. We need to accept the importance of talking about it on different forums. Having a better health facilities in a nation does only confines to having better facilities in the cases of emergency and physical diseases but a major part of health facilities is dependent upon the betterment of infant and maternal health that is majorly handled through better system of gynecology hospital in Pakistan. In Punjab’s biggest city alone, with the population of 8.74 million residing in urban area we lack behind in having a single modern public sector gynecology or anorectal hospital in Lahore.

Where gynecology hospital are still some where to be found in Lahore and all over Pakistan, a completely dedicated anorectal hospital in Pakistan numbers almost equal to zero when it comes to the public sector health facility, however the gap has now been starting to be filled through private sector and intervention through hospitals and medical care centers like ZAIB hospital, the trend has changed and the anorectal care has been given the attention that it deserves.

Such exposure of ZAIB hospital in the niche of gynecology and anorectal hospital in Lahore have opened up new doors towards this important dimension of medical care that needed to be addressed. With the state of the art facility such medical centers and hospitals are filling up the gap that public sector hospitals have failed to provide. A country like Pakistan that is already struggling with a lot of major issues, sees this approach towards the change in a very positive manner and has started to accept it as real positive change in medical care facilities.

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