Lower Back Pain Treatment

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Lower Back Pain Treatment | Leg Pain Treatment

Leg pain is clinically a disease of orthopedic. If it’s not caused by tired factors, then it is mostly caused by lumbar disc herniation. And it will cause low back or leg pain, numbness and it will remain your activities limited. Person’s daily life and work will be in trouble while having this pain. So we need to treat it in time.

Lower Back Pain Treatment at ZAIB Hospital in Lahore:

ZAIB hospital is best from all hospitals in Lahore. We here at ZAIB provide lower back pain treatment with the help of Chinese traditional medicines and surgery. While treatment we use world class technology and equipment in order to provide better treatment. We have Chinese specialists in our medical hospital who know all the complications that occur during treatment and they have extensive knowledge how to handle these complications.

Medicine Treatment of Leg Pain:

Medicine therapy can be divided into oral medicine and topical medicine. Generally only will mitigation effect, but not achieve treatment purpose.

Surgical Treatment:

For patients with severe symptoms of low back pain, generally we choose surgical treatment. But there are certain risks on surgical treatment, and may be complications. It is recommended to choose carefully. We must pay more attention to postoperative, more laydown rest and more exercise. A person should do less heavy work after surgery.

Minimally Invasive Treatment:

Minimally invasive therapy is a new medical treatment with the development of medical science in recent years, which representing the new direction of medical.

Compared with traditional surgery, minimally invasive treatment has the advantage of small wound, scar fine, less bleeding during surgery, no pain after surgery and very recovery fast.

Minimally invasive interventional therapy applicate physical form such as laser, radio frequency, ozone in the local anesthesia, which will dissolve prominent bone nucleus, reduce pressure of intervertebral disc, thus lifting the compression which prominent nucleus on the nerve to eliminate pain, and to achieve therapeutic purposes.

The advantage of minimally invasive therapy is effective, wound tiny, recovery quickly, less complications, costless.

Which treatment of low back or legs pain effective?

There are many Orthopedics who provides clinically treatment for low back or legs pain, treatment fit for symptomatic can play a better therapeutic effect.

It is recommended that if you are on early illness, you must not take medicine blindly. It is better to visit hospital timely, take suitable treatment which fit your etiology in order to recover as soon as possible.

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