Stomach Pain Causes in Females

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Stomach Pain Causes in Females | Stomach Pain Treatment

The stomach pain is more common in women, but if not timely may cause more serious consequences, so let’s learn detail about what are stomach pain causes in females.

What is the matter of Small Collywobbles?

Most women have stomach pain, experts’ advice only know the causes, to carry out effective prevention and treatment. Following are the main causes of collywobbles:

1, Colic:

There are so many different ways of stomach pain, different pain from different diseases, so women must pay attention to distinguish the pain. Many women mostly peetoris belly pain, which is caused by a spasm, ill when things like wringing pain.

There are many reasons that can cause angina pectoris, such as stones, intestinal blockage and acute enteritis. These symptoms often appear in the pathogenesis of severe colic phenomenon, people miserable. There are some patients will not only appear colic, but also accompanied by tingling, as if there is a root acupuncture on you where the sting. This pain phenomenon is mostly due to peptic ulcer and other diseases caused by.

2, Uterine Lesions:

Some women not only have stomach pain, accompanied by swollen belly, experts warn that they have expressed abnormal uterine lesion. That is to say if the uterus cells outside the uterus gradually grow to those who do not belong to them, this time will lead to the little stomach pain cause, swollen. The most common is the fallopian tube, ovary, outside the bladder and other parts, which is one of the leading causes of abdominal pain. Especially in the days near the end of the menstrual period, these metastatic cells may even have a small amount of bleeding, and also cause them to extend to the area of inflammation and damage.

3, Pain:

There are a lot of women in daily life often stomach flatulence, experts have warned that stomach pain cause by gases mostly. Especially sitting stomach pain situation more obvious, most believe that the train experience knows, long time the train will appear swollen and pain in the stomach. Experts pointed out that this is because the intestinal gas excessive cause; if not timely discharge the situation is difficult to alleviate the pain.

In addition there is excessive consumption of some gas prone to food, such as potato, peanut, chestnut, soybean, excessive consumption of these foods would cause flatulence. In the face of small collywobbles is how the food problem, also occupies a large part of the factors.

4, Ovarian Cyst:

If women with ovarian cysts would appear to have little stomach pain, once suffering from ovarian cyst will not only appear to have stomach pain, but also with a variety of symptoms, such as irregular menstruationdysmenorrhea. But the female ovarian cyst in motion or sitting up, there will be abdominal pain.

How to do with the stomach pain, these are common factors in daily life, experts remind women must adopt effective treatment measures as soon as possible.

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